DOWN THE MEMORY LANE - A Resident recounts the Year 1990

DOWN THE MEMORY LANE - A Resident recounts the Year 1990
Circa 1990 a powai residents walk down memnory lane 3-2Year—- 1990

Weekend Picnic to Powai Lake

Never dreamed it will be my permanent loving home address.

Call it as an attraction towards natural greenery, lake view in the front and Hills on the back.

I was so impressed with the quality of constructions and town planning and decided on the spot to buy ready to move flat.

Only Eden 1,2,3,4 and Bungalow rows houses and less than 50 families.

Gambhir’s, Mohinder Bhai, Sadwani, Talreja, Harish Iyer, Satish Bangia, Ahluwalia, Monti, Tej Sahni, Sharma’s n Bhalla to name a few among the few.

Golden Days, concept of Free Health club was new in suburb, and it knit us. After office day work Eden club was the meeting point for Gym/steam/Sona bath and to get ready for evening customary drink on weekends, ladies use to bring food from their respective houses at designated flat and every use to enjoy. Morning walks climbing Hills was keeping us fit

Then came Daffodil, who started home delivery from soup to main course items. One day while having drinks we ordered a small parcel he refused to citing that delivery boy busy, It was fun, Tej called Jeetu the owner and placed a huge order and gave an address of building Golden oak. Jeetoo team prepared the dishes and sent the delivery boy, who came back n told him that Address is wrong. It was a fun and simplicity.

Then came the Mundon ceremony of my Son. It was first of its kind as Mundon ceremony is more common in North India. All residents invited or not came blessed my son Eshan; there was dance, there was fun, one fellow in the evening came and gave me a cover of Shagun. I thought may be from my wife side but she said No. I called him and said sorry I do not know you, he said even I don’t know, my name is Satish Kaushik, and I am doing shooting with Sunny Deol and some female actress khan,n all crew members had lunch in your function as there was no hotel.

Only one Doctor Suri, one Shop, one Dairy but life was full of fun; you can say it was like an extended family. All function were celebrated together Ganesh Sathapana, Visrajan, Holi, Diwali or Any family function. Heaven on the earth,

Still remember Cricket match on the road where nowadays it ‘s hard to find place to walk freely.

Enough for the day will share some other time

This note was sent to me by Mr. Ramesh Bali