Doctor Refuses Treatment on Card Payment - only Cash - Powai Hospital

Doctor Refuses Treatment on Card Payment - only Cash - Powai Hospital

Disclaimer – The person who uploaded this story has not identified herself by her real name. The story read quite genuine and after much deliberation and after almost a month I have made this post public. If in case the hospital request me to take this down I will have to oblige, as all I have is a fictional email id of the person who uploaded this post which goes by “” also other email id of the same person is “”

A Bad experience which happened to me in Powai Hospital on Thursday 8th Dec 2016. Its for everyone’s benefit.

I twisted my leg on Sunday 4th Dec 2016, booked appoinment at Powai Hospital on Thursday 8th Dec 2016 at 5:00 PM with an Orthopaedic, having crepe bandage on my leg due to swelling and pain couldn’t withdraw cash which needs long hours of standing in queue. I reached Powai Hospital for 5:00 PM appointment and was glad to read a notice stuck above reception desk “we are ready to accept debit/credit cards, cheques.However please request your doctors to cooperate” .

Meanwhile a lady came to pay by card but receptionist said “önly cash”. I was taken by surprise so approached receptionist and mentioned to her that I do not have cash but only card for payment. I was unable to sit for long as my leg was hurting, finally doctor arrived at 5.30 PM and then I see him checking with receptionist how many people are waiting and walks in to his room and receptionist follows him into his room, she returns after a minute to tell me, “Mam, I checked with doctor and he is not ready to take card” . I was shocked and told her so what do you expect from me, to leave after waiting for so long? Receptionist says “”ÿes”” I was determined to meet the doctor and explain him about my leg and for what reasons I couldnt stand in queue for cash withdrawal. I was second in number to meet doctor but was not sent to see the doc, I asked receptionist after a while “”Can I see the doctor” , she said Ok. I entered doctors room and said I – hello doctor, Doctor – what is the problem I – I twisted my leg (and before I could explain him how and when) Doctor – “we dont take card but only cash” I was shocked as he forgot that his first duty is to serve “. I – but doctor I cant stand in queue to withdraw cash. Doctor – go to hiranandani hospital, they will take card I – but am here , what do i do? Doctor – Talk to government, they should have streamlined everything and done this. I go to 4 different places and cant carry 4 machines every where I go, ask Govt to give machine also I – I understand its everyone’s problem but I am ready to pay by card and hospital will take card payment. Doctor – No, hospital dont have machines (this was white lie as hospital has notice and were ready to take only if doctors cooperate) I – I was unable to sit for 30 min waiting for you, my leg was paining how can I stand in queue finally doctor asks Doc – “what happened””? I – I twisted my leg on Sunday, there was small step which I missed and on Monday while taking slope to office and that hurt my knee too” Doctor didn’t even check my leg to see if its broken/fracture, Doc – looking at my leg says go and get xray and was walking out of the room I was sure doctor purposely wants me to get XRay done,without even checking my leg how can he prescribe Xray I – when can I show you X-Ray? Doc – I am going for a surgery and dont know how long, you get x-ray and meet local physician and he walked out of the room , leaving me in pain and trauma of such bad treatment Then I had to take a rickshaw and go to Hiranandani hospital.

Injury didnt seem to matter to doctor but only “cash” was doctors agenda. Its so sad that we have doctors who have forgotten they are doctors first and respect,money will follow next

Here is the latest reply from the writer of this post below Received on 3rd Jan

Hi Manoj

Thanks for posting the article,its genuine and also reported online to Prime Minister via “write a letter to PM “.
I didnt want my name to be public hence put a diff mail id but yes if hospital asks for explanation you can email me and I’ll stand for it as hospital will have records of my appointment and presence if they have CCTV,they cant deny it.

Thanks again.