what-is-mvThe Informed Voter Project (Mumbaivotes.com) enables citizens make an educated decision on who to vote for, by providing comprehensive information on candidates standing from their constituency.

A group of citizen volunteers comes together prior to every election, to create comprehensive profiles for every candidate, from every political party, standing from Mumbai. For the coming elections we aim to gather information for each candidate on various areas, including:
– Manifesto Analysis (Party, and Personal where available)
– Video interviews with each candidate
– Past legislative history (attendance, questions asked, etc.)
– Bio-data information on each candidate (along with education, financial and criminal history)

safe_imageWe are registered as a not for profit trust, and imbibe values of absolute political neutrality, transparency, inclusiveness and informativeness. Do visit www.mumbaivotes.com to see the kind of information we have gathered for past elections.

We do not have any political or corporate affiliations, and are driven purely by the effort and goodwill of ordinary citizens – such as you! We would appreciate it if you could contribute in any of the areas below:

Volunteer with us!

We need volunteers to work with us as Research Assistants for the election period – the primary task being to help us with the research and outreach to create the profiles for the election candidates. We would expect around 20 hours a week from each individual, for the two months around elections (Mid March – Mid May). We are not in a position to offer a formal stipend to any of our volunteers, but will re-imburse all travel and related expenses incurred during your tenure.

If you would like to enroll to work with us, please complete the registration form on http://blog.mumbaivotes.com/volunteer/

Mumbai-votesDonate Cash or Kind!

Organizing our activities each election is a mammoth task, and takes quite a bit of our resources: We need to rent video and audio recording equipment, ensure we have high bandwidth internet, incur costs on print, travel and other administrative areas. If you can help us reduce this burden by contributing either in cash or kind we would greatly appreciate it. We are happy to share our audited financial statements with each of our donors in order to build confidence that your funds are being spent responsibly.

If you would like to make a donation online, please visit http://blog.mumbaivotes.com/donate/

If you would like to make a donation through other means, or to contribute in kind (we would appreciate any video or audio recording equipment, even temporarily), please write to us at [email protected]

Share some office space!

A huge constraint for us is to find a formal place of work for our project. Given the prohibitive rental rates through most of our city, we are dependent on the kindness of strangers ; or failing that just have volunteers work from our personal residences. It would be great if we had any office space available for the coming two months – e.g. if someone has a conference room to spare, or even a store room!

If you can offer us any help on this front, write to us at [email protected]

If none of the above is possible for you, we hope you will at least find the time to visit www.mumbaivotes.com and sign up for our newsletter. We hope that you will use our site to make an informed choice when you cast your vote for the upcoming election – at the end of it all, that is fundamental the reason for us to exist!

The MumbaiVotes Team