The atmosphere at the Divya Foundation reverberated with the divine flow of spiritual energy. The platform on 15.10.2018 where heritage, culture and spirituality combined with spontaneous joy amongst the audience present was inaugurated by none other than Shrimati Kalyani Patnaik, the principal of the Hiranandani Foundation School. The program was located at the Hiranandani Institute of Learning.

Divya Foundation, a platform for knowledge, heritage, music, dance and spirituality was inaugurated by a Ganpati Vandana invocation by Shrimati Archana Rao. The beautiful lamp was then lit by the lovely ladies Shrimati Veena Raheja, Shrimati Kalyani patnaik, Shrimati Rachna, and founder Shrimati Mita Vaidya. Following this was a flow of spiritual energy. The Founder, Mita Vaidya then explained that all this here is Ishwara; Ishwara alone is. Dr Kankaria, aged 92, then played the flute accompanied by his wife Shrimati Tara Kankaria who sang along with him.

Mita Vaidya

Shrimati Mita Vaidya explained the importance of culture, heritage and spirituality. As founder she was supported by one and all present. She thanked Director Neha Singh for her back-office support. Supported in the past by Dr. Niranjan Hiranandani, Shrimati Mita Vaidya gave a vote of thanks to him. The platform Divya reverberated with both light and love.

Swami Sthiratamananda

Swami Sthiratamananda, disciple of Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati, then spoke on the song divine of the Bhagwata Geeta. Sandhya, Nilima, Keertika sang bhajans. There was a wonderful Krishna recital to which Shrimati Kamya danced, and we found the entire audience enthralled. She was spontaneous and lovely.

Sunita Bhuyan

The internationally renowned violin artist Shrimati Sunita Bhuyan set a tone with her wonderful performance on the violin. She sang in accompaniment and one felt the presence of the Goddess Durga in the venue. Shrimati Sunita also sang Ravindranath Tagore’s Eklo Jano Re.

The beautiful ladies of Hiranandani, Powai , dressed up with golden ‘mukuts’ and representing each of the 9 forms of the goddess Durga, then ascended the stage. Explained by Archana Rao, the various 9 forms of the Goddess then lit up the stage.

The program came to an end with Shrimati Shuba extolling the importance of culture and heritage. The lamp, the artists and one and all present reverberated with a feeling of joy. Shrimati Kalyani Patnaik, the Chief Guest, left once she was felicitated by Shrimati Nilima Patil.

Rupa Thakkar

Gifts of love, lamps to be lit at home, were presented to all the participants by Shrimati Rupa Thakkar. The program ended with a vote of thanks by founder Shrimati Mita Vaidya.

We pray to the divine presence and hope that more and more members will join our august team. Kindly contact Shrimati Mita Vaidya, Founder, 7506002954 for further details.

We promise to enhance culture n heritage with spiriluty in india n abroad. Thanking you, mita vaidya, for divya foundation..