Women can play a contest to win a complimentary astrology session with Mr. Ashok Motiani .

Out of the Blue brings yet more fun to Powai, this time especially for Women! It launches its famous W-day Buffet Lunch (@ Rs. 295 plus taxes) along with Destiny Bazaar on 14th September and every Wednesday thereafter from 12noon to 3pm.


To add Indo American taste to its Destiny Bazaar, it brings Ashok Motiani, a leading Indian astrologer based in the U.S. He has been mentioned in numerous newspapers and appeared in various TV shows. Hollywood stars, Wall Street investors and individuals from all over the world consult him. His predictions on Love, Marriage, Wealth, Business and the Stock market are considered to be the best in the world.

Having been in this field for over 24 years, his research on planetary influence has had a profound impact on stock markets around the globe as well the careers of many well known personalities around the world.

Ashok Motiani, leading Hollywood and stock market astrologer and CEO of Motiani Strategy, Inc., will be visiting India this year exclusively to consult at the Out of the Blue chain of restaurants in Mumbai.

Having been the astrological consultant to famous Hollywood celebrities such as Goldie Hawn, Anthony Hopkins, Uma Thurman, Cindy Crawford and the likes, Mr. Motiani has immense knowledge of the Jyotish Shastra and is famous worldwide for his accurate insights.

Knowledge, after all is power. Knowing what’s likely to happen, one can use this information to one’s advantage. Whether it be career advice, monetary issues or matters close to your heart, find out what your destiny has in store for you through Mr. Motiani’s expert predictions at the Destiny Bazaar held at Out of the Blue Powai from September 28th, every Wednesday, 12 noon onwards!

Special Contest for Powai.Info members: Fourteen Women on Powai.Info will have the special privilege this week to get a chance to meet Mr. Ashok Motiani exclusively at a Hi Tea event hosted by Out of the Blue, Powai after 21st September.


[quote]So go ahead, answer a question correctly and you could get a chance to know what your future beholds!  (Facebook Link here)[/quote]

 Terms of the Contest: 

  • Contest only for Women
  • Participation is valid only when answers are emailed
  • Full Name, Phone Number, Address and Age must be mentioned in all entries
  • Subject should have “Qs No. and answer”
  • 14 women will be randomly picked out of all women who email correct answers

Dates: Goes Live at 9am on 13th September until 12am on 20th September

Details: A new question will be posed everyday about Out of the Blue. Questions will get tougher by the day.


 To Participate: Contest will be open to all women on Powai.Info facebook page. Contestants will have to email their answers to otbpowaicontest@gmail.com with your age.



[quote]Out of the women who email 14 women will be picked randomly to win an invitation to a Hi Tea party at Out of the Blue Powai to be held on a day between 20th and 26th September.  They will also be entitled to a complimentary astrology session with Hollywood Astrologer, Mr. Ashok Motiani.[/quote]