When I shifted to Powai I needed to find a place that would be something like GC nd so after a lot
of looking around I finally found this place. The actual name of this place is Daffodils Chinese Corner. Their Chinese here is good. I have the Garlic Chicken if im having chinese which isnt bad though not many people like its sweet taste. The Chilly Chicken here is good too. They also serve Mughlai which I usually have. Try the Afghani Chicken which is non spicy nd based in a whitish chicken or a Lahori Chicken which is more spicy nd less whitish compared to their Afghani Chicken. Their maindishes are allright though the best thing about this place is its Kababs. Try the Chicken Malai Kabab here for sure. The only one problem with this place is its consistency. Sometimes the kababs will be the best kababs uv ever had nd on other occasions theyl arrive cold. .

Service: Most of the service here is limited to delivery since eating at the restaurant isnt the best idea. Some of the waiters have a very dodjy look nd look like the escaped from jail nd came to work here.Having said that theyr pretty quick nd arent usually late. Theyre also never rude its just that they dont look decent enough. Go there nd ull know wht I mean However I guess you shouldnt expect much from this place considering its prices.

Ambience: Ambience hahahahha this place has NO ambience. If your smart the ambience will be your house. However if you chose to eat here you will be sitting on the road (literally) They used to have tables inside before but now the whole inside is the kitchen. The tandoor is outside so you can smell the kababs even when you walk past this place. At night theyl put tables out in front of the other shops next to it which have closed. This however isnt really a problem cos none of the regulars ever eat there

Conclusion: This is one of the best places to eat in Powai. Daffodils faces a lot of competition from Garys Menu nd Great Punjab though I like Daffodils the best. Overall these places are probably the only places where you can get a good meal here besides the fast food joints. Saffron Spice which is more expensive than this place just doesnt have any good food nd if you want some place nice to go around Powai I would suggest you drive down to the Rennaissance. However if you want a decent meal just call Daffodils