Grooming babies organises events, seminars and interactive workshops for parents, caregivers and childcare practitioners to edify them about children’s emotional growth curve, till 5 years of age, and empower them with age appropriate communication tools and techniques to heighten the emotional quotient.

Emotional intelligence is the foundation for a host of critical skills and is a key predictor of performance – the strongest driver of leadership and personal excellence. While emotional skills can be honed at all ages, acquiring begins in early childhood. A secure, safe, happy and positively stimulated environment is important for children to bloom and attain their true potential.

  • Learning Café: An interactive learningplatform designed for like-minded parents, where they can reflect on a pre-decided parenting challenge, share experiences and frame constructive solutions. Moderated by a trained facilitator, these sessions are informative and, provide practical tools and techniques for home / classroom implementation. Song and dance, games, creative art, role play form part of these sessions.
  • Parents Connect:
    • Daddy Time: Platform for involved fathers, who like to have an active attitude to their child’s upbringing. Creative and fun filled activities and field-trips, allowing them to spend more quality time with their child and, network with other likeminded dads.
    • Mommy Club: The motto of this club is, “Happy Mommy, Happy Baby.” A support group designed for stay-home and working mothers. Theme based get-togethers held in an out-of-home set-up. Members share experiences, showcase talent, play games, discuss upbringing challenges, exchange tips and recommend neighborhood. An ideal set-up for making friends and having fun.
    • Baby’s Day Out: Play dates and playgroups are wonderful ways for child to learn socialization skills and have fun. Help parents organize creative activities that are engaging, stimulate young minds and make the experience enjoyable.
  • Little Ideal: Avenue for parents to engage in social causes along with their child. Visits to children’s home, plantation camp, donation drives, parties for the children of community workers – activities that aim at grooming sensitive leaders of tomorrow.

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Grooming babies believes in complementing the physical and academic growth of children with stimulants that nourish emotional intellect. A child’s experience in the early years has a major impact on their future life chances.  A secure, safe and happy childhood is important for children to bloom and attain their true potential. Grooming babies creates awareness among parents, educators and caregivers about the emotional and intellectual needs of children and empower them to lay the right foundation.

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