Few in the city would expect to meet as gory an end as this : Powai resident Vijay Bhure ended up as breakfast for three hungry crocodiles when he had gone fishing to Vihar lake on Thursday morning.

Bhure was sitting on an inflated rubber tube with his feet dangling in water when, according to witnesses, he was dragged inside by a crocodile. Two more crocodiles followed the first and dragged him from the shore.

The incident occurred around 7 am and those present could not help the 32-year-old. It was more than an hour later, after 8 am, that local fishermen pulled out his half-eaten body, Powai senior inspector Ashok Jadhav said.

Bhure’s family, however, denied he was fishing in the Vihar’s waters and claimed he had gone there for a morning walk. “He left around 6 am and we learnt that he had been attacked by crocodiles a couple of hours later,” his mother, Shinwari Bhure, said. But Shinwari and his wife, Vijaya Bhure, residents of Tirandaz Gaothan near the IIT campus, could not explain how he fell prey to crocodiles if he was just having a morning walk.

Bhure is also survived by two children — an eight-year-old daughter and a seven-year-old son — and was the sole bread-winner of the family.

One of the family’s neighbours, Dinesh Gade, said, “Bhure was a very kind and helpful person. The entire locality is mourning the loss. He was employed as a lift mechanic at Hiranandani Gardens but also used to repair all kinds of electronic goods.” People from the locality claimed that the crocodiles had gone berserk ever since the start of the desilting work in the lake. “They hide behind the silt that is left on the shore and attack morning walkers,” another neighbour said. There were several crocodiles attacks in the recent past, they claimed.

Jadhav said people often went into the lake for fishing despite repeated warnings.

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