Crocodile Carcass Floating in Powai Lake Since Sunday

The carcass of an eight-feet-long crocodile has been lying on the banks of Powai lake since Sunday, when it was first spotted.

Despite being informed, the civic body’s hydraulic department, which has been carrying out beautification work on the lake, is yet to respond.

Mahesh Karpe, a resident of Powai, said, “On Sunday afternoon, some children who had gone fishing spotted the crocodile’s body in the mangroves on the banks of the lake. Though crocodiles have been seen before, it is rare. It is not known how many crocodiles are present in the lake, but spotting one is considered lucky.”

When Sishharth Tawde, another resident, learnt about the carcass, he informed the BMC control room, but no action has been taken for three days, raising fear that the lake may get polluted.

Locals then informed an animal activist, Sunish Kunju, from Plants and Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). “The lake falls under the BMC hydraulic department’s jurisdiction. It has been working on the beautification of the lake since a year. This could have affected marine life.”

Vinay Deshpande, BMC hydraulic engineer, said, “We did not know whom to contact in the forest department. It will now fish out the carcass. We will check water samples to find out if the water has been contaminated.”

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