Life’s full of moments & occasions that leave behind long lasting memories- wedding, celebrating anniversary, watching your child play, buying a family home,  family reunion, enjoying your hobby or simply appreciating your present moment.  It’s a big platter. Lifestyle photography is all about capturing this charm of your real life. It aims at creating a photographic story of these special moments by depicting real emotions, relationships, personalities, likes ; shot in real environment. It is a mix of candid and happily posed pictures of editorial quality. This type of photography includes Couple portraits, Family portraits, baby portraits, theme-based photo shoots like anniversaries, moving into a new house, any happy occasion, personal way of life and much more. It’s just making your pretty memories look prettier!

Lifestyle Celebration Photography Pack is a very novel way of experiencing lifestyle photography. It combines creative photography with premium print products thus offering a very personalized and high quality service.

I keep clicking photos all the time on my cell phone, why do I need this service?

Yes, given that almost everyone has a Smartphone with constantly increasing megapixels in its in-built camera, it’s just takes a flick of fingers to click photos wherever and whenever possible. Well, the difference between clicking from a mobile and a professional camera is the same as that between an instant biryani mix and the biryani cooked in a clay pot. Can you choose the recipe, the spices and the ultimate flavour of a biryani mix? It simply boils down to convenience versus creativity. 

Ok, how do you conduct these shoots?

For me each photo shoot is a plot with my subjects as the lead characters. Hence I try to know my subjects in advance- their personalities, likes, preferences etc. We also talk about the theme for the shoot and clothing choices. It helps me to plan and personalize a photo shoot in advance and compose my pictures accordingly. Of course, the shoot is also about clicking candid moments that can’t be planned or predicted. The ideal objective of my photo shoot is to create a photo story than just pretty pictures.

What happens after the photo shoot?

Well, I will give you the dump of all the photos clicked during the shoot. You will have to pick the photos that you want to get printed as per your pack. You can order more prints if you wish.  Once you confirm to me the prints, I will edit the finalized photos and send them to my printer for printing. Once printing job is done, the prints will be shipped to your residence. In a week’s time you will receive your prints post confirmation from your end.

What is special about the prints you provide with the pack?

Good you asked. The Premium Photo Satin Paper used in the packs is neither Indian nor Chinese but imported from Germany and US. This paper is traditionally mould made from 100% cotton to provide high archival life of 90-150 years.

Canvas prints are printed on a professional museum grade canvas with a 12-colour large format photo printer. A special varnish imported from Germany is applied on these prints to enhance finishing and longevity. The archival life of these canvas prints is 50-100 years.  Also unlike local prints these prints don’t show a glossy spray look. 

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Rohan Potdar