If there is any food synonymous with the monsoons, it is corn. There is nothing quite like the smell of roasted corn on a rainy day. Celebrating the spirit of the ongoing monsoons, Vivero Powai celebrated ‘Corn on the cob day’. Our friendly neighbourhood ‘bhutta wala’ (corn cob vendor) was called in with his entire cart to demonstrate to the children how corn is roasted. The children loved the whole experience where they were given the chance to smell, hear, feel and finally taste yummy corn on the cob. Children were fascinated by the ‘pop pop’ of the corn while it was getting roasted. They also keenly observed the several overlapping, papery-thin, leaf-like, pale green husks and how they are peeled away to reveal the delicious kernels of goodness. Of course, the highlight of the day was when the children finally got to eat all the yummy corn that they patiently waited for.