By Elsie Gabriel.

She is a Green Diva alright! As I watched her cook with such ease and expertise, sprinkling her culinary artistry with such spicy conversation and narrations, about her world travels and vegetarians stories, she surely enlightened  taste buds as well as minds!

Food lovers gathered to pay tribute to the celebrated chef Ritu Dalmia at Rushina Ghildiyals studio at Powai. Rushina is ofcourse from our very own Raheja Vihar at Powai, a chef to reckon with and a delightful expert to cook and learn from at her very own ‘A perfect Bite’ and cooking studio.

Rushina hosted the show as Hachette India launched ‘Diva Green’: A Vegetarian Cookbook by super chef Ritu Dalmia.It is truly an ode to all things vegetarian, the book amazes me with it’s simplicity and mundane vegetables which add exotic taste to famous dishes. Ritu makes vegetables luscious and spicy. After reading her Diva Green I assure you, believe me, you hardcore carnivores will give in and be a green convert alright!


Take your pick from a perfectly seasoned Green Mango andBanana Flower Salad or Mushroom

Ceviche; a fun combination of Grilled Eggplant with Pepper and Sesame;  a wholesome Tomato and Goat Cheese Tart; or a comforting Papaya Curry or

Carrot and Ginger Soup.

Uncommon yet easy-to-prepare, inventive and exciting, the recipes in Diva Green will reacquaint you with vegetables in all their vibrancy and value, and have you celebrating shakahari!



Ritu Dalmia is among India’s best-known super chefs and restaurateurs. Her restaurants in New Delhi – the award-winning Diva, Café Diva and Latitude 28 – have been widely acclaimed for their superior quality of service and cuisine. She also runs the popular café at the Italian Cultural Centre in Delhi, and hosts two immensely successful cookery shows on national television.

Through her new book dedicated to her Mother, Ritu encourages all to master vegetarian dishes that are rich in flavour. “Actually I think it was time to redefine vegetarian food, and also showcase how great it can be. Saying that, I have to admit I find more people turning toward vegetarianism, something which I have been seeing a lot with our guests at all the restaurants”Ritu explains rightly. Ritu has put the simple pumpkin, beetroot and  eggplant on a pedestal. Making everyday vegetables truly heroes’ is what we Indian are really about. Arn’t we? Thats what Ritu Dalmia gives us without the fuss and complications. Cooking the Saints Day pasta with brinjals and spicy mushroom salad was simplicity with blissful taste.


[quote]Ritu, you have found a green follower in me alright. Salute Rushina M. Ghildiyal![/quote]