When a cardiac intervention is required— not always easy for the patient and the family!

There is an ever increasing burden of cardiac cases being identified every day. An unfortunate scenario is the affliction of younger population and more unfortunate is the stress the family and the patient goes through in this unexpected age group of patients. Though there is a steady increase of global burden of coronary artery disease or ischemic heart disease (heart attacks, unstable angina), it is the younger lot (age group between 30-45 years)  being diagnosed with this aliment  that is truly a big changing  trend in the subcontinent and particularly India. When you break news of this deadly aliment to this unexpected age group, it is a big shock to the entire family. Apart from mental agony, it is also a big financial burden as many in this age group have just started earning their living and a big chunk of this population takes it easy and hence are not insured for their medical expenses. It has become very common to see fathers accompanying their sons (in this age group) to the hospital to seek cardiologist opinion, an

d when they enter our office, you start wondering who the patient is.

In the elderly age group, there are also issues like family support, financial burden, psychological and physiological impact and pre-existing other medical co-morbidities (like diabetes, hypertension, degenerative diseases, prostate and other medical illnesses) which pose a big challenge to manage this age group patients.

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