I live in Hiranandani Gardens. I would really appreciate if we could all join in and do something about the auto rickshaws outside R City Mall.

Here’s what happened :

On 19/07/2010 my husband and I tried to get an auto at 9pm. We were carrying a lot of shopping bags. There were plenty of auto rickshaws parked at the entrance of the mall. When we asked them to drop us to Hiranandani galleria. They simply refused. We asked every auto rickshaw but no one was willing. My husband was worried because i am heavily pregnant. We had to stand there in the rain for an hour. I’ve never felt so helpless, so angry and frustrated in my entire life! It was such a horrible experience! Finally by some miracle we hailed a passing auto in the main road and went home. This is not the first incident, whenever we go to RCT mall at night, we face this problem along with other civilians. This happens in a regular basis. The auto rickshaw drivers there are very picky about their customers. They will drop someone to Juhu but refuse to drop anyone who lives nearby unless you pay them 30 rupees extra . I have written down a few auto rickshaw numbers. We were a bit frightened when they started yelling at us. I hope these come in handy.

What really annoys me is if these people refuse to take passengers, what are they doing outside the mall? You should chase them away. We the civilians of Mumbai have been paying their recent fare hike rates, what else do they want??!!

I would really appreciate if something can be done about this matter.

Stacey Hieriem

* Picture used for representation purpose only*