The Lakers have donated 2 incubators (baby warmers) and a phototherapy unit to the maternity department of the Sarvoday Hospital (Sarvoday), being run by a private charitable trust, in Ghatkopar, Mumbai.

The unit was in inaugurated at 10am on the 28th November, ’09, at the hands of DG TN Subramanian, in the august presence of first lady Vidhya, trustees and doctors from the Sarvodaya Hospital and a group of enthusiastic Lakers and their friends.

image011Sarvoday is strategically located on LBS Marg, within minutes of Ghatkopar Station and has a large catchment of very deserving patients, particularly from the nearby Parksite. Parksite, extending from Ghatkopar to Vikhroli, houses a large migrant, daily-wage, under-privileged and hence deserving population in Mumbai.

Sarvoday’s maternity ward had only one unfunctional incubator while it handles about 150 deliveries a month.


These baby-warmers are very essential in neonatal paediatric care, particularly in the case of pre-term, low weight babies. The photo-therapy unit was found to be much needed in cases of neonatal jaundice. One more such unit is being provided.

The incubators help in maintaining neonatal body temperature and hence in the prevention of other

complications, in cases of premature and complicated deliveries, thereby improving mortality rate.

The foll pix show the DG of RI Dist 3140, the Mg-Trustee &  Doctors of Sarvoday and Lakers assembled

on the occasion.