Come Celebrate Tiranga Dandiya from 1st Oct to 10th Oct

Come Celebrate Tiranga Dandiya from 1st Oct to 10th Oct

Navratri is a festival dedicated to the worship Of a Hindu deity Shakti, The word Navratri means nine nights in Sanskrit, have meaning nine and Ratri meaning nights. During these nine nights and ten nine forms Of Shakti/Devi are worshipped People from all walks Of life come together and are engrossed in the sounds of the heart throbbing Road and dance on the tunes, Dandiya shows true colours of unity. A festival which gives freedom to dance and dress up with colourful and ethnic style costumes.


Tejaswini Mahila Seva Sanstha took this opportunity to celebrate the goddess festival and organise Tiranga Dandiya. Tiranga Dandiya has people of all ages, caste and culture coming together ta celebrate this Fusion Dandiyø is an abstract and a bold idea bringing to the forefront an amalgamation of different cultures clubbed together denoting the spirit of being diverse India.

With an overwhelming response from the community. Tiranga is entering the third year. The biggest contribution towards attaining success far this es•ent has been our beloved Local MLA Shri Md. Arif (Naseem) Khan, Honorable Minister for Textile, Minority Development and Guardian Minister for Mumbai Suburbs, Govt. Of Maharashtra. His efforts, contribution. Dedication, commitment. Guidance and leadership stirred and brought together various communities to celebrate this beautiful festival.

The colourful and vibrant Tiranga Dandiya brings together several Bollywood and Tv Stars, Celebr•ties from diverse fields and Social Activists.

Organizing Tiranga Dandiya, more than a celebration is a contribution to the society by putting forward a small step towards national integration.

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