With just a month and a half away from the city’s most celebrated Ganesha festival, the NGO Young Environmentalists Programme trust is taking no chances in leaving any stones unturned in saving the water environment of the city. The Young Environmentalists in association with ENVIS Maharashtra and Kalpavriksh Powasi and Green team of Rodas ecotel kick started the green campaign early this year on Aug 3rd in order to create awareness regarding eco friendly idols before they hit the stands.
August 3rd saw over four hundred citizens gather at Rodas ecotel Hiranandani Powai, where both young and old came together to create the same God which created them, but in pure clay from the Mithi River and silt from the Powai lake. The newly elected Powai Lake corporator Avinash Sawant, Archana Shirke of ENVIS, Actress Megha Israni, Rashmi Sawant and Chaya Ali Khan of Culture Aangan Tourism Nature Homestay tours , Mr.Gerard of Kalpavriksh,Mrs.Sheila Raut of MCGM, Dr.Soni Kala,Daniel Chatterton of Rodas,V.Appukuttan and Mr Arun Patil of Hiranandani Powai inaugurated and blessed the function.
Said Avinash Sawant regarding preserving the Powai lake, “I give my blessings to the Young Environmentalists and will work together for the welfare of the Powai lake.’

Over 25 schools participated in the inter school competition making all shapes and designs of their own ganesh idol murtis with eco friendly colours, decorations and flowers finally taking the idols home with worksheets and certificates to boost the message and spread the awareness back home.
Explains Elsie Gabriel, founder of the Young Environmentalists, who is also an environmental artist teaching idol making herself, “ Although last year a court order of some kind did request idol makers and artisans as well as faithfuls to turn green and do away with the plaster of Paris and fluorescently bright chemical painted idols it is still not fully established. POP idols which are known to cause  environmental hazards can not be fully done away with, without an alternative. Therefore instead of preaching to our elders it is wise to teach our next generation to celebrate eco friendly festivals.”

Eco ganpati idol making workshop awards

Vinay kariwala from DG Ketan school 1st prize and Harshada subhash DJ gurukul school 2nd prize and Tanv Naram fr Childrens academy 3rd and Shrishti shetty SM shetty got 4th Prize.. Special appreciation to nikita tompe from childrens academy


Adds Gabriel further, “We are hosting an interactive art workshop where the youth and residents make the idols themselves under our expertise, with eco colours and eco decorations. These idols are also taken home by them in order to multiply the messages to their families, of going green during the Ganesha festival.”
Although the present generation will find the famous multicoloured idols of the object of their devotions a little less brighter, it is good to make smaller and more earthy idols which dissolve in water.It is also a known fact that our ancestors used river clay and bagicha mud to create Ganesh idols is the yester years before going commercial.
[quote]Adds Daniel Chatterton of Rodas  ecotel Powai, “We have been hosting Eco Ganpati workshops for the last 7 years now where by we involve the community in not only going green in travels but also going green with all festivals.”[/quote]
Young Environmentalists are sure that with each passing year, it is only a matter of time and patience that faithfuls will turn green and understand Mother Earths need to save her water bodies  more sooner than later. It will surely become a policy making decision  by the government once all stake holders like artists and Ganesh madals  as well as elders understand the component of the POP idols.
Here at our event people literally feel the earth, mould it and create the idol with their own hands .What better way than this interactive method in creating environmental awareness.


College students of Sihagad institute of management Chandivli Powai also event managed and reshearched on the Young Environmentalists eco ganesha project campaigne along with the 25 schools who will make scrap books and EVS projects on the green campaigne.