Indigo Deli R-City Mall

deGustibus Hospitality expands its restaurant-with-retail format by entering the eastern suburbs.

On Sunday, February 10, 2013 Indigo Delicatessen, or Indigo Deli (an eponym it’s come to be popularly known) made its foray into the city’s eastern suburbs, making it the brand’s fifth outpost in Mumbai. The Deli is located on level three, phase 2 of R-City Mall in Ghatkopar – a spot that is easily accessible from neighbouring residential and business hubs like Powai and Vikhroli as well as the western suburbs. The 102-seater, New York-style, all-day eatery is a dynamic space offering guests a combination of privacy and comfort, as well as plenty of room to browse the retail shelves and watch the chefs to their thing in the open kitchen!

Indigo Deli Ghatkopar will operate nearly round-the-clock seven days a week – 9 am to 1 am, with last orders being taken at 12:15 am. Sticking to the original concept of ‘restaurant with retail’, The Deli Shop will continue to be a one-stop-shop for all things gourmet.

“Our success formula has been synonymous with our fantastic team, with Director Executive Chef Jaydeep Mukherjee leading the way in the kitchen by creating a delectable menu focused on creative comfort foods and Sameep Padora being the mastermind behind the charming & elegant décor,” says Rahul Akerkar, Managing Director & Director de Cuisine of deGustibus Hospitality.



Originally conceptualized by Chef Rahul Akerkar & Chef Jaydeep Mukherjee, the menu at the Delis is brimming with dishes that are gourmet versions of popular comfort foods like Mac n Cheese, Chicken Salad Sandwich, Hot Dogs, etc. Keeping in mind Indigo Deli’s entry into this new market, the menu has been tweaked to accommodate the addition of 15 new vegetarian dishes! One can expect wholesome breakfast dishes such as Veg Divinity, the egg version served with truffles and rosti, and Buck Wheat Savoury Crepes; innovative main course options such as 3 Beans and Roasted Pepper Burger with Cheddar and Cilantro, Appam with creamy mushroom and coconut stew, Asparagus and Emmenthal Pizza, Potato Parmesan Gnocchi with Toasted Pinenuts & Saffron Crème and Whole Wheat Spaghetti with ‘Melanzane Parmigiana’; and sinful eggless desserts such as Apple Pie and Triple Chocolate Mousse.

Those familiar with Indigo Deli will be happy to know that the rest of the menu will remain the same featuring our much-loved burgers and sandwiches, crispy airy pizzas, seasonal soups and salads. All-time favorites like the Pulled Pork Burger, Chicken Wings, Eggs Divinity, Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich, Chorizo Pizza, etc, will continue to be seen on the menu, as will the moreish desserts such as our signature baked yoghurts, silky soufflés, rich cheesecakes and the like.

Risotto of spicy cherry tomatoes,braised fennel and black olives
Risotto of spicy cherry tomatoes,braised fennel and black olives

Interior 2

The Deli Shop

The Deli Shop is a quintessential ‘retail gourmet store’ located within the restaurant to offer diners the convenience of shopping before or after a meal. This section focuses on our in-house baked goodies, condiments, coffees, teas and take-away salads.

Freshly baked treats range from buttery croissants, bagels, tea cakes, baguettes, lavash and breadsticks for dips to delicious tropical fruit pies and tarts, Danish pastries, gateaux and made-to-order cookies.

Besides these we also have our in-house artisanal range of jams, preserves and other condiments that are produced in our very own kitchens. The merchandise section will carry some of the most sought-after cookbooks, coffee accessories by Bodum, Built NY lunch bags and cases, diaries, pastas, sauces and other food ingredients.

As with all the other Delis, we will continue to sell hampers for gifting during the festive season and otherwise, gift vouchers that can be redeemed at any of our restaurants as well as offer a take-away menu for small private parties.



Indigo Deli Creamery

The new Indigo Deli at Ghatkopar will house our second ice cream and sundae station, following a tremendous response at Indigo Deli Palladium. The menu features 17 homemade ice cream flavors as well as sorbets and frozen yoghurts on the daily specials menu. Some of the flavors on offer are Cheesecake, Pecan Butter and Lemon Curd as well as eggless options such as Blueberry & Mint, Dulce de Leche and Strawberry & Banana.

The sundaes are created using our rich, naturally flavored ice creams with fun elements such as caramelized banana soaked in brandy, moist hot fudge, batter fried Mars bars, sexy sour cherry compote and Chantilly cream.

You can choose from our yummy sundae menu which includes The Deli Banana Project, Kinky Suzette, Deli Therapy, Drunken Waffles, Black Forest and Deli Beach Sundae. Or if you’re feeling particularly creative, you can create your own special sundae.



This being renowned architect Sameep Padora’s third Indigo Deli, the previous two being at Palladium Mall and Bandra, he has once again created a stunning design for the 3,850-sq-ft space that is aimed at making the diner feel warm and relaxed.


“At the Indigo Deli R-City, we have mimicked the spatial logic of the mall but instead of a vacuumed atrium we created an event space. We augment this by building a solid multilevel edge of both seating around the 16 foot high central space, making it a kind of theatric center where the act of dining becomes the performance.” says Sameep.

He adds, “The materiality of the space bears Indigo Deli’s signature palate of wood finishes with copper accents and lighting to create a moody yet casual dining experience.”


Open kitchen view


Behind the Scene

What started in 2005 with Indigo Deli Colaba, as a means to serve the time-restricted, quality-conscious diner, has today become the jugular vein of the city’s dining scene. At that time, Principals Rahul and Malini Akerkar recognized the market potential of this segment as well as the need for a “restaurant with retail” concept, and thus became patrons of the concept of a delicatessen as a scalable and replicable module as part of the company’s expansion plans. The second Indigo Deli opened in the suburb of Andheri in 2008, which as believed soon became “an integral part of the city’s culinary-scape”. The third and most ambitious 4.500-sq-ft Indigo Deli opened at Palladium in 2010, and has since become every shopper and yuppie’s favourite haunt, packing in nearly 500 diners a day. And most recently in 2012, the foodie paradise of Bandra saw the much-awaited opening of the city’s fourth Indigo Deli.


Awards won by Indigo Delicatessens

  • DNA Food Award: Restaurant Awarded to have Cool Style 2009
  • Burrp! Award: Most Popular Delicatessen 2010
  • Times Food Award: Best All-Day Dining Restaurant in South Mumbai in 2011
  • Time Out Food Award: People Choice Restaurant Awards 2011: ‘People’s Choice Best Restaurant in Mumbai’
  • Time Out Food Award: ‘ICICI Bank People’s Choice Best Restaurant Award’ 2011

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About deGustibus Hospitality Pvt Ltd

deGustibus Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. was established in early 1996 by principals, Rahul & Malini Akerkar. From the Latin conjoin degustibus, meaning an ‘entity of taste,’ the company was founded to espouse the five ingredients of a tested winning recipe: innovation, great food, warm hospitality, attention to detail and customers who revel in these. deGustibus is the parent company of Indigo, Indigo Delicatessens at Colaba, Palladium, Andheri & Bandra, Tote on the Turf comprising Neel and the Tote Bar, and a catering division called Moveable Feast.



Indigo Delicatessen Ghatkopar

Level three, Phase II,

R City Mall,

LBS Marg, Ghatkopar

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