China valley reviewed by Ashutosh

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Well I went 2 china valley or shud i call Chi-Ley (because the rest of the lights on the signboard were not working ) with my friends yesterday night.
We started off with the complimentary Kim Chi which was nice.

Then we ordered crackling spinach chicken which was *AWESOME*… It was like fried spinach with a little sugar on it with chicken..
We also ordered crispy lamb or something and i havent had such a pathetic dish in my life(i might not have lamb again in my life because this was so yucky) , just the smell made me dizzy. still tried it a little but could hardly get a piece down , the result 60% of the dish was wasted.

Then we moved on to the main course and ordered the pot rice , and some chicken noodle and 1 chicken gravy all of them were average.
the only saving grace was the dessert we ordered chocolate truffle which was amazing wow 😀

We had asked for Bamboo rice which the waiter told he cudnt get it as it was late . We also ordered for Fried icecream which the waiter again told wasnt available.
Overall just a average place. the interiors are strictly ok , there was a big chinese fan on the wall which was gonna fall down on my friend thankfully it didnt hehe.
Heard from someone that this is a Mainland China WannaBE but Mainland China is so superior compared 2 this from interior to the food Mainland wins. The staff loves cricket here when we were having dinner instead of someone attending us they all were bizi watching the ICL Final .