Link: China Valley, Powai, Mumbai, Restaurant on burrp! Mumbai.

China Valley represents a middle path between a cheap Chinese takeaway joint and, say, a Mainland China.

In short : Good (not great) food; strictly alright ambiance – not for fine dining; moderately expensive for a complete meal – around Rs 350 per person with starters, main course and drinks; very reasonable if filling yourself is the primary focus (at around Rs 150 per person – *refer to the end of paragraph 2).

The interior decor is gaudy – they’ve tried to make it feel Oriental but it just doesn’t. They have Aaj Tak running in the background and Aaj Tak being Aaj Tak aired a 30 minute WWE match preview the day I happened to be at China Valley. I wouldn’t recommend going here for a ‘fine-dine’ experience.

The Chicken Fried Rice is the pick of the bunch. Light and with a whole lot of flavour! It’s not overloaded like the Indian Chinese we’re used to. For starters the Lap Chi Ke (I’m really not sure about the spelling here) is my favourite and is probably what they’ll recommend. The Roast chili pork is a good accompaniment for the rice. Nothing exceptional about the chili chicken or the sichuan chicken – same old, same old. *You could also try the Chili Garlic Pot Noodles – an ‘all in one’ meal of sorts. The noodles is cooked with a slight gravy and served with chunks of chicken on top. At Rs 150 this represents real value.

I would strongly disagree with the previous review stating that this place is better than Mainland China. It isn’t a patch on Mainland but then again it isn’t in the same league. It is what it is – a place for reasonably priced good (good and not great) Chinese food.

The 4 stars is for the quality of food and the economic flexibility. Geographically, it’s the best place for Chinese in Hiranandani – better than the trash they serve up at Rodas. But rumour has it that Mainland’s opening here. Here’s to a battle of kick-ass offers!