NIRAAMAYAA, a Waldorf inspired centre for children, has been conceived keeping in mind the needs of today’s urban children.

Children today don’t have enough time to be children. They are hurried, they are under pressure to achieve and succeed.  There’s hardly any time to play and be involved in creative activities. Even art, instead of being an expression of the soul, has become concrete and competitive. Nature’s nourishing beauty is totally out of their lives. These reasons combined with unhealthy lifestyles are causing problems like:

Poor attention span                    Behavior problems

Features of autism                      Lack of concentration

Learning problems                      Anxieties

Restlessness                              Emotional problems

In order to grow up to be a complete human being, a child needs a balanced development of thinking, feeling and willing (doing).

At Niraamayaa, we hope to help children grow into complete human beings through play, art and exploration. We would like to provide children a space where they can enjoy:

  • Pure, natural, creative, imitative play for children under 7 years of age.
  • Art as an expression of the child’s inner voice.
  • Hand work and creative activities which will enhance a child’s attention, concentration, sitting span, fine and gross motor coordination, pre-academic skills, language and communication skills, especially for children with special needs.
  • Story based  activities which will help children deal with emotions that they find difficult to express and develop a sensitivity to care for each other
  • Counseling, study and support groups along with relaxing and rejuvenating activities for parents under stress.

INTERESTED? Please contact Nirupama Rao at or 9987653780/25780867/30500305

Address: No. 4, First floor, Phulora, Opp Jain Mandir, IIT Market, Powai, Mumbai-400076