I often buy fruits from Natures Basket Powai, I love the overall experience of shopping at Natures Basket at Hiranandani.

But today was a different experience, as I bought some fruits along with pre-packed freshly sliced pineapple. My bill came to Rs 363.50. (Bill no. 4c5000037957) As my fruits were packed and my card was debited, i waited! but what totally caught me by surprise is the cashier, who neatly folded my bill and placed it in my hands, that was reason enough to open the bill and check it out. I was shocked, I saw that I was charged Rs 160 for 200 gm of Pineapple slices (the actual cost being Rs 32 only).

Pineapple slices

When I confronted the cashier, he checked his system, did some calculation on an excel sheet and handed me Rs 130/- cash back, the cashier tried with-holding the bill, but i insisted on having the copy. Lot of people never bother to check the bill, can be taken for a ride.

I hope the mangement doesnt terminate the person, as I believe he has got entreprunuer skills, but this was just a devious idea and probably robbery, though I have his name I am with-holding it as this whole post is just to alert powaizens and maybe warn Natures basket management to check its processes.

When I was asked for a complaint book, I was told none existed.