Chaitrashri Marathi Mahila Mandal

“As early as 1997, we did not have many Marathi speaking people in Powai, and it was very difficult for especially homemakers to find likeminded people.
The idea of forming a group took its shape in 2002 and then Chaitrashri Mahila Mandal was formed” says Mrs.Meenal Patwardhan, one of the members of the Chaitrashri Mahila Mandal committee. The Mandal started with a few women members in the neighbourhood but soon the numbers increased to 50 – 55.

Chaitrashri is now not just a group for the Marathi speaking who celebrate the vibrant Marathi culture, traditions and heritage but also includes those who love Marathi / Marathi culture irrespective of whether their mother tongue is Marathi or not.

Chaitrashri has organised a number of social and networking events throughout the year since the beginning. Their monthly meet -ups are held on a day and time suitable to the majority of members. Based on the suggestions by the members, marathi poetry, literature, katha kathan and talks by professionals from various fields are organised. They have debates,trips,sports and other interesting activities.

Diwali get togethers are when the families meet and participate in the cultural events.

It is not expected that every person attend the meet up held every month. But the group has maintained a wonderful participation record of 32-35 numbers every month, and most of them are senior citizens. There’s a lot of coordination that happens with the help of the 4 committee members.

Along with the regular monthly schedules they celebrate Chaitra gaur, Sankranti , Shravan and Ganpati with rituals and menu according to Marathi traditions.

If you love Marathi and would love to be a part of the group, get introduced today. Write to