17th January 2009, Central Avenue Street, Hiranandani Powai

We’re looking for birthday gifts for a friend. Crossword, Powai is the Go-to place. Where else am I going to find cool vouchers nearby? I love this place. You can just sit down in the bookstore and finish a book, how amazing is that?

27th December 2011

‘Let's go to that new coffee place, we can chill and enjoy free wifi’ said Shruti, my classmate from Jr. College. ‘Free wifi? Gloria Jeans it is!’

18th February 2019

‘Do you mind if I sit here?’ I asked a girl sitting across the room next to the wide window pane.

My pizza would take too long and there was no other place to sit.

‘Dominos makes the best Pizzas in town, doesn’t it?’

Present Day

Central Avenue Hiranandani Gardens
Present chain of restaurants and cafes on the Central Avenue street in Hiranandani Powai

I liked PapaJohns too actually, it served the best breadsticks. Alas, it has gotten shut down. Dominos? Shut down. Crossword? Shut down.. Red Olives? Shut down. Remember Sankalp? I bet you don’t. It’s what Red Olives replaced

No matter how many shops get closed down, Central Avenue street does not fail to be happening. All these years this street has been the heart of Hiranandani. Right from bearing the most changing but happening sophisticated ‘Khau Galli’ to being the home for various events like Fun Street and Powai fest organised by the Rotary club.

Hiranandani Central Avenue Street - A Nostalgic Walk
Nykaa promises a fine range of beauty products for all

There is just something about it, the charm of walking along that street, with the aroma of Tea, Food and essential oils. Dominos is no more there but sometimes, when I walk by Chaayos, I get a distinct smell of very awesome tasting cheese. Maybe it is psychological, although I do believe some things just leave a geographical footprint even after they leave.

And some things are meant to stay

Coming to the Upcoming thrilling place in Powai, the Delphi building promises to bring life to the nightlife in Hiranandani.

Nightlife begins

It is a different feel, a vibrant feeling amongst the loneliness of the street.

I imagine myself writing yet another article on this street maybe 10-15 years later. Let us see what lasts and what stays momentarily!

What outlets do you dearly miss in Hiranandani Powai? 🙂