Elsie Gabriel.

He surpasses all portrayals of the devil in the celluloid world-he is none other than Mukesh Rishi. Our apnaa Powai celebrity! When you call to speak to Mukesh Rishi these days, he says he’s shooting in South India! Believe it or not Mukesh Rishi is quite a sensation in Tollywood and other south Indian filmdom.  Mukesh Rishi, the actor who worked in big movies like Sarfarosh, Indian, Gardish, Koi Milgaya, Run, Ghatak and Tumko Na Bhool Payenge has come a long way, and is more versatile than ever as an actor. He has became one of the busiest actors  in South Indian Industry by working with Big Stars like Chiranjeevi, Balakrishna, Nagarjuna, Mahesh Babu in more than three dozen films in South Indian regional films as a Villain.

Mukesh looks cool as a gun-trotting terrorist, a Muslim patriot, a Jihadi from Pakistan, an angry policeman -all these epithets fit Mukesh Rishi which has earned him popular adulation and critical acclaim. This Jammu-based actor was more of a sportsman than an academically-inclined graduate of the Government College, Chandigarh in real life. A thorough gentleman at heart, soft spoken with an image of a cool dude that gets him all these versatile roles eventually!

He is a method actor, going above and beyond what it takes to play whatever character he is handed. His runaway hit “Sarfarosh”, proved strongly that hard work and perseverance does pay off. Mukesh gives his utmost for his craft more so than any other actor I know. Yeah, he’s good at playing the tough mobster but playing it isn’t easy.

Says Mukesh regarding  breaking free from his eternal devil image in most films, ”It is not the role but the acting that counts. I’am an actor and I am dead serious about my roles. Whether it is south Indian films or bollywood I make sure I take my roles seriously.Always give your best.”

For sure Mukesh’s  roles are very vibrant  for the simple fact that his performances have been so powerful that they have helped shape todays bad boy roles or and have set the standard for what it means to be an actor no matter what the character.

Mukesh lives in Powai with his wife and two lovely children. He actually saw himself modeling for two years or more and then his metamorphosis into an actor transformed his whole life almost two decades ago.In 2000 he was nominated for the Filmfare best supporting actor in  “Sarfarosh”.

He has a combination of brains and brawn.He works hard to maintain his physique. He still works out daily whenever time permits and loves to exercise. Fitness is like a religion to him, where health is wealth for him. Mukesh gives his time to support environment causes among numerous other social causes close to his heart. I think it was Jim Rohn who had once said,
“For every disciplined effort there is a multiple reward!” You sure are an inspirational actor and more than that a good human being.

Mukesh, way to go!