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By: Elsie Gabriel

Powai – 10 February 08 : February
3rd saw the Naushad Ali field station inaugurated at the Maharashtra
State Angling Association (MSAA) followed by a seminar on Urban
wetlands environmental status and economics, at the Powai Lake.

function was well attended by environmentalists, educators and
scientists. Powai Corporator Dr. Anjali Darade, Dr. S. Yeragi, Dr.
N.Tekale, Dr. P. Madhuri, M. A. Ghani, Gordon and Anita Rodricks, Dr.
Sanjay Joshi, Jalal Kazi, Elsie Gabriel, Pooja Makhija, Dr. Pramod
Salaskar, Shaffique Siddique among numerous other dignitaries were
present. M. S. Vibhute BMC Engineer along with Dr. M. S. Kodarkar chief
of the Indian Association of Aquatic Biologists, inaugurated the field
station at the MSAA.

the revival and de-silting will make the Powai Lake a major tourist
attraction. We are trying our level best to keep the bio-diversity in
mind while doing so,” Voiced M. S. Vibhute while making an extensive
presentation on the outline of the schedules involved.

Raju Naushad Ali and Ikbal Naushad Ali, sons of Naushad Ali the eminent
celebrity composer were sentimental but elated about the eventful day
with the environment, Saying, “Our father was inspired by the Lake and
enjoyed it’s natural serene beauty. Hopefully it will be a source of
inspiration to many generations to come too.”

also voiced his hope for the revival of the lake saying, “The united
concerted efforts of the public, government, environmentalists and
scientists can bring around proactive changes required to save the
lake. Surely some day it will be of international status.”

Lake Habitat, outlined Gordon Rodricks VP of the MSAA “The fishes in
the Lake are equally important. We have the Catla, Rohu, Mrigal,
Calbose, Mahaseer, Gouramy, Silver carp and Tilapia too. We have
numerous aquarium fish too.” Rodricks further added about conducting
various workshops along with environmental associations like the Oasis,
Young Environmentalists Program, Somaiya College and ENVIRO Vigil as
well as numerous science colleges, “We educate the next generation
about the bio-diversity and ecology of the lake. We need to pass on
nature’s gift intact to the next generation.”

It is said that this lake was included in "National Lake Conservation
Plan" by MoEF, GoI in the year 1991 but the scope of work is large says
Prof. Pramod Salaskar who organsied the eventful date, “There is a lot
of work to be done. Quality of Powai Lake Water can be elevated by
using Bioremediation.” Hopefully the jewel of Powai will be conserved
after all?