At Happy Minds International, transparency has always been our watchword. We now offer transparency at your fingertips—whenever you want, wherever you are!

Earlier, we offered all parents the option to visit our centres at any day and view their child via CCTVs. We’ve now gone one step further. After a painstaking search which took many months and involved comparing products from 12 different CCTV service providers, and a fortnight of rigorous testing in-house to iron out all potential teething troubles, we have rolled out our brand new real-time CCTV streaming feature. An HMI parent can now view their child any time during the day, using their mobile phone, tablet, or PC. In other words, transparency now goes hand-in-hand with convenience!
Having the means to watch your child anytime, anywhere, is likely to be the highest priority of any parent who has ever availed of daycare. No parent wants to be away from their young child; somewhere, at the back of one’s mind, is the fear of “what might happen.” The presence of virtual eyes recording every single moment of your child’s day and sending it to you on your cellphone goes a long way towards reassuring even the most worried parent that they can be as personally vigilant as they would like to be. Parents now have the option to tune in to their child’s world for a few minutes or more at special times of the day—mealtimes, naptimes, activity times—and observe them as they go about the myriad exciting daily pursuits that we engage them in.
The application (or app) is completely free, and all parents with children enrolled at HMI can avail of this privilege. All they need is a decent internet connection and a personal device to access the video stream.

Meanwhile, we’ve also considered the other side of the coin—the question of privacy and security. Therefore, parents have been advised not to share the video stream account details with anyone—not even a relative or family friend. At our end, we will be monitoring the analytics related to the video streams, and any unauthorized use will result in immediate termination of that account. Similarly, recording or reusing the video, or posting it online on one’s social media accounts, is strictly forbidden.

It is our continuing endeavor to make the daycare and early childhood learning experience one of fun, enthusiasm, and learning for our young charges, and an answer to a prayer for their parents. Complete trustworthiness and transparent communication is key to achieving mutual trust in such a relationship. The video streaming feature is an affirmation of integrity on our behalf, by which we hope to give parents the means of guaranteeing their peace of mind regarding their child’s safety and happiness during their time at HMI.

Think our new feature is amazing? Wishing you could avail such a facility yourself? Well, we have good news for you—stay tuned for news of our newest center that is coming up soon at Nahar Amrit Shakti!