Mindgardenz with its unremitting commitment to creating a vibrant community and spreading knowledge culture in Powai, hosted its third knowledge event on Saturday April 14, 2012 in less than three months. This career event was held at the IBS (Indian Business School), to capture the essence of the theme – “Career Options and Counseling”. The participation turnout has been doubling with each event which only reaffirms the growing support by the community of Powai to Mindgardenz endeavours.

The founder of Mindgardenz, Kirk D Cruz, a regular anchor at his events, kicked off the half day session with an engaging talk about the difference between a Career and a Job. As he addressed a room full of children and parents, he emphasized with the example of his own life, the importance of first identifying your dream and then fulfilling it. He firmly believes that Success follows happiness, and not the other way around and happiness and success come from following your dreams.

The first segment of the programme was lead by a team from Growth Centre [I] Pvt. Ltd., a leading career counselling organisation in Mumbai. They went through all the diverse career and education options that are available to us today and successfully fielded the multiple questions asked by the participants.

This was followed by a Mind Mapping session where students were given blank sheets of paper along with colour sketch pens and instructed to draw mind maps on their career aspirations, in order to bring clarity to their career dreams and goals and help them to arrive at a more conclusive decision.

The final phase of the event, was a unique Industry interaction where Mindgardenz had taken the initiative of inviting the leaders from all major industries such as Engineering, Medicine, Design, Architecture, Aviation, Food, Travel and Tourism, Law, Finance, People Management and others. Students and parents were encouraged to ask these leaders the pros and cons of their respective fields, the prospects and the various opportunities. There couldn’t have been a better way to assist students in gaining a deeper insight into the various careers out there.

Mindgardenz has recently launched a Public Speaking/ Confidence Building Programme called “Eloquenz” for students from Std VIII upwards(age13+). This programme will help the individual to not only build self-confidence but also enable him/her to go out and speak confidently in public which is the need of the hour. They also have a very exhaustive Library where they carry many motivational, personal development books apart from management and business titles and encourage both parents and students to sign up for this doorstep library service.

They also undertake “Mind Mapping” for individuals and offer one on one counselling and feedback sessions for them.

They are soon hosting a unique “vocAbz for Kidz” programme, an English vocabulary building programme where they’ll be running through the entire basic vocabulary from A to Z in 26 days during the summer (May 1-26, 2012). It is an absolutely fascinating programme as it is being done in a story telling form and will cover spellings, pronunciation, use of words in context, understanding meanings and roots of words, word association etc. The programme is from 0900-1230 hours every day from May 1-26. On Sunday, May 27th, they will have a convocation ceremony. There will be an early bird discount for registration before April 23rd and there will be a further discount for group bookings. The programme will be held at Powai Plaza, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai. Furthermore, this vocabulary programme would be a lifelong asset for the child. Through the story telling form combined with a lot of activities built in, the child would be able to retain the words learnt for his or her lifetime. For further information on this training programme, please contact Mindgardenz Enterprise at 9820064659 or by email at kirk@mindgardenz.com or visit the website at www.mindgardenz.com .