Career Counselling Beyond Aptitude Tests

Career Counselling Beyond Aptitude Tests

Every Child deserves to enjoy the process of learning and most important learning what they want to. Learning isn’t a destination but a road of discovery, challenge, curiosity, mistakes, and mastery.

We at Juno clinic are working to fuel a life long love of learning by enabling students to understand, explore ,flourish and make meaningful progress toward their learning objectives and make thoughtful career choices and want to apply our rich experience in providing a platform for this transformation.

A career choice that is compatible with one’s personality type is believed to be reinforced and rewarded by an academic environment.

According to research the theory is people seek environments that are aligned with their personality types and engage in activities that utilize their abilities. People with low vocational identity are more likely to make incompatible career choices and experience frequent career change than those with high vocational identity.

While factors such as gender, peer pressure, parents, exam grades and career status are by and large the first to be considered by students; during career decision making process little or no consideration is given to personality types.

For example. A first class honors graduate in Architecture in University may aspire for medicine only because the profession is noble or a computer science engineering graduate wants to pursue a career in the automobile sector because of the love for cars.

We have developed an unique combination of assessments to enable children to understand their strength and are of development. .

Please find here below the details of the process:

Total Duration: 6 hours

1. Type of Assessment:




2. Activity : 20 m

Post Assessment

Report generation within 10 days

Scheduled Online Counseling session with the student

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