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Powai – 17 February 08 : Dr.
L. H. Hiranandani, Powai has launched a unique Cardiac Rehabilitation
Centre to help heart patients across all age groups to recover fast and
return to full and productive life. This type of primary prevention
centre is also beneficial for people who don’t have a heart problem but
are at risk.

Rehabilitation Centre was inaugurated by Prof. Kevin Sykes, an
international expert on Occupational Health & Fitness, Director of
Centre for Exercise and Nutrition Science (CENS) in Chester, Dublin,
Hong Kong and Singapore. Prof. Kevin Sykes says “Cardiac Rehabilitation is an exercise and educational program designed to improve a quality of life”.

Mr. Niranjan Hiranandani present at the inauguration ceremony said, “I
am really proud to launch Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre at Dr. L. H.
Hiranandani and this is one step ahead to have a healthy and stress
free life”.

Dr. Sujit Chatterjee, CEO of Dr. LH Hiranandani Hospital reveals, “Heart
diseases are no longer related with old age alone. Recent studies have
shown that an increasing number of younger people are affected by heart
problem due to stress and altered lifestyle.”

Rehabilitation at Hiranandani Hospital is a comprehensive medically
supervised program and is designed to help patients regain physical and
psychological wellbeing through exercise, education, counseling, risk
factor reduction and learning ways to improve health related quality of

There are mainly four components of the process of Cardiac Rehabilitation.

1. Medical Evaluation:

Initial and ongoing thorough evaluation helps the Cardiac
Rehabilitation team of Hiranandani Hospital to assess patient’s
physical abilities, medical limitation and other psychological
condition and keep track of progress over time throughout the programme.

2. Exercise Training:

No longer is bed rest recommended for serious heart problems.
Hiranandani Hospital’s Cardiac Rehabilitation team makes sure that it
is comfortable and safe for patients to exercise. During the exercise
sessions, heart rate and rhythm, blood pressure and pulse rate are
measured through various monitoring systems.

3. Nutritional Education:

This helps to control your excess weight and helps you learn how to
make healthier food choices by reducing consumption of saturated fats
and sugar.

4. Lifestyle modification:

Hiranandani Hospital’s Cardiac Rehabilitation team supports and
educates patient to break unhealthy habits such as smoking and
drinking. It also gives patients an opportunity to ask questions and
clarify doubts on issues such as resuming work, driving and physical

In the long run Hiranandani Hospital’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre
helps you to improve physical fitness and exercise tolerance, reduces
future risk of heart disease, build up confidence, improve dietary
habits and life style, speed up psychological aspects of recovery and
mainly increase awareness of heart diseases. Dr L H Hiranandani’s
Cardiac Rehabilitation program is tailor-made to each patient’s needs
and health condition. The Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre team includes
cardiologists, dietitians, exercise specialists and psychologists.