Elsie Gabriel.
Meet Jayalakshmi  Krishnan of Powai, who has dedicated her life to cancer detection and welfare. If you ever need help in detection or treatment you can call the numbers 2857685 and 9821421993. Her smiling face has championed the crusade against cancer, almost single-handedly in the big city of Mumbai. She oversees the complete functioning of the trust’s activities in Mumbai and is actively involved in the day to day activities of the  Vasantha Cancer trust.

Many a times we come across people who are shattered when they first hear the news that they have cancer, here is a place that reaches out to the needy. Read on to find out more about their work.

Nearly 600 lives have been touched directly and thousands indirectly. The bulk among those directly supported are children with leukemia where a  good chunk of them have reached the cure line .At Vasantha Memorial trust, care begins with early detection followed by prompt, uncompromised optimum treatment and ends with rehabilitation of the cancer affected back into the community as a useful citizen. Its unique modes and measures to reach awareness about cancer have reached millions of people across the country traversing age- socioeconomic –educational status, where even children and  youth of the country have been inspired, educated, urged and given the know-how to make tomorrow cancer free.
The main cancer centre is at Marol, military road, next to Bharat avenue, Andheri (e), the check up for the under privileged is absolutely free and for the affordable it is highly subsisdized, a nominal fee of 200 for the pap test with report is charged.

The Centre at Marol has facilities for cancer screening and detection. The center functions on Mondays to Friday from 10.30 am to 2 pm. Doctors on prior appointment l conduct the above on these days. The centre  also provide counseling for patients and conducts awareness programs on a regular basis. Those needing aid for treatment or rehabilitation can also approach the centre on the said days. Training workshops for cancer educators  are also  held here periodically.

For more info check out http://www.vasanthamemorial.com

The trust has been sponsoring patients at the Tata Memorial Hospital at Mumbai now almost a decade. Initially the patients sponsored were referred by Medical Social worker (MSW) of the hospital, where the trust had no direct relation with the patients. Our perseverance helped in establishing a full fledged help desk in April 2009. To make effective use of the available setup a full time attendant was appointed in June 2009 to man the help desk. The interaction is with a patient or his ward coming to the desk seeking aid for treatment, wanting assistance on the logistics of the hospital or educational help for cancer affected. Since April 2010 the trust has also started distributing Protein supplements to patients based on nutritionist’s recommendation. Since Aug this year it has also initiated a process of talking to patients and their ward on personal hygiene, which is so essential to ward off infection in general and particularly for those undergoing chemotherapy.

As of beginning of December, we have interacted close to over 600 patients and have met their needs in some way or other. Out of these 180 patients have been sponsored by the trust most of them falling in the category of Breast and body cancer, where the prognosis is good. For better protection from the rains during Mumbai’s monsoon it has also distributed rain coats to patients coming to the desk.

The volunteers spend quality time with the patients. In a year at least 3 programs are organized by the Trust. September month we have Rose day celebrations, we bring celebrities who distribute roses, an entertainment program is also organized. February , the month of cancer survivors day is celebrated A huge crowd of survivors patients & attendants witness a mega event hosted by the trust, a variety entertainment program and loads of gifts are given to them. We also take the patients for a picnic, harbor cruise, visit to INS Vikrant regularly.So if you want to reach out to people with cancer,volunteer for Vasantha Memorial cancer trust.