The skyscrapers of Hiranandani Gardens Powai, Powai Vihar, Surya nagar, Varsha nagar, IIT Market area, Parksite zones, Godrej colony of Vikhroli, Kailash Complex, malls at Kanjurmarg  and the Dreams housing society of Bhandup, Naval nagar, both the east and west zones of the ‘S’ ward,are all very highly populated spots on the map of the ‘S’ ward but there is no fully functional BMC-citizens committee which has duties and meets regularly! There have been attempts to have a ward citizens group but due to lack of co-ordination and time, meetings have faded and outcomes have been not so fruitful.

The ‘S’ ward asst Comm .R. Biradar and his team of BMC officials together with the Young Environmentalists programme trust invites you to join a proactive group meeting on Thursday 3rd March at 1pm to 4pm 2011 at Aura Restaurant Rodas ecotel Hiranandani gardens, Powai.

There is a need for restructuring the existing BMC-Citizens structure in S ward:some points of discussions will be-

– Roles and Responsibilities of committee members and the services.-infrastructural support needed from BMC
-list of possible activities of citizens to contribute towards.
-Identify locality
– Support needed from ward.
-Various Levels of engaging with BMC –Corporates should join hands,
-fixing dates of monthly meetings.- Review of the working of BMC-Citizens commtt.- what is the procedural modality to be for interacting with BMC?

Citizen groups to be partners of BMC in micro-planning, implementation, awareness creation, monitoring and feedback so as to help BMC to better fulfill its mandatory obligations of providing civic services to the city of Mumbai .

Need for restructuring the existing structure

a) Citizens residing in the ‘S’ ward need to unite to solve problems and not only bombard the ward with complaints. The BMC management system needs to be backed up by organised structures within and outside the BMC to improve the delivery of civic services and responsiveness of the BMC through citizen participation.

b) Experiments tried out in the past have yielded valuable experiences but have inherent limitations as the local citizen groups are either individual volunteers, or NGO representatives who are informal, or local citizens, recognised by the BMC officials BUT this BMC Citizens alliance group needs to help expedite solutions and not have one or two hardworking individuals but active groups to be responsible for whole street or lane or area.

c) For the purposes of achieving a sustainable organisational structure for the involvement of local citizens groups consisting of residents and corporates/commercial establishment in our  local area re-structuring is suggested.

Pls do kindly call 9967347511 and confirm your participation.