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HELLO and WELCOME to Central Suburb Bikers aka CSB !!
You have come across this group by mistake, personal interest or by invitation. To make your stay worthwhile, spend the next couple of minutes to read through.

This group is concieved mainly for people who love nature, can ride a bicycle and live in or around the Central Suburbs of Mumbai. This includes Chembur, Deonar, Ghatkopar, Vikhroli, Kanjur Marg, Bhandup, Mulund and Powai. Others are also welcome as per their convenience.
The prerequisites for being a member of this group are only liking for biking and caring for nature. Age, gender, language or any other matter will not be a deterrent. If you have a bicycle, good. Else you can beg, borrow or buy one !

A few points to ponder:
Bicycle is the simplest of all mechanised transport.
Bicycle is the most energy efficient mode of land transport (walking is more strenuous, really).
Bicycle runs on renewable energy, available even in remotest villages (you can eat your fill – no issues).
Bicycle is the most ecofriendly mode of transport.
Bicycle is second only to walking, in terms of flexibility.
Bicycle keeps you fit, physically and mentally.
Bicycle is also GREAT FUN!
The group will get together for morning rides, half-day rides, full-day rides and longer rides. You can pace yourself, no problems.
We also plan to hold a cycle treasure hunt, off road rides for children, dirt track races, and bicycle maintenance workshops.We also intend taking up various cyclist related issues with the local authorities in association with fellow members.
The group will form a platform to share knowledge, grow close to nature, make friends, to keep fit and have fun.
As in all other adventure activities, there are some inherent risks associated with cycling. The basic protection gears recommended are: a well-maintained cycle with good brakes, a helmet, brightly-coloured clothes (preferably full sleeves), gloves. The basic protection conducts are: good riding posture, alert and safe riding practices, warm-up and cool-down before and after the ride, regular hydration.
Disclaimer: Owner/Moderator/Any other member cannot be held responsible for any injury to a member of the group occuring during OR because of participation in a ride. Each member will be solely responsible for his/her own safety.