Buddha in modern age, paintings by Arijit Bhattacharya.

Buddha in modern age, paintings by Arijit Bhattacharya.

Life is a journey and painting is symbolic of that journey of life. Happiness is desired by all but many a times we do not get what we want and face hurdles which in turn curtail our happiness. My life has been an epitome of such a journey full of potholes.

After finishing my Masters in Creative Painting, 1992, I started coming across obstacles which were unknowingly created by me. I did a number of Art related jobs but could not prove my capability or kiss success through money or job. Whenever I was free I made paintings but none of that made me happy. Fiction of life in my surroundings, human expression, reaction of people towards others, judgment given based on one’s own bias has always attracted me and I try to portray them in my canvas but still not feel contended. People close to me suggest me a variety of things to paint, some which I expect others I don’t. Some of them even suggested I should paint the Ganesh or Buddha but only to earn, which I feel is highly unethical. What we see today is that, people are measured by their status or money.

During this period of crisis I came across Buddhism and its concepts. I learnt that the Buddha is not a single person but he resides in each one of us and all of us have equal potentiality to attain enlightenment. Buddha means, “Life in itself”, as life teaches us our mission in this world and when we are aware of our mission only then can we connect ourselves with the universal thought and achieve enlightenment through work and not by sitting under a tree in the woods. Philosopher, Engine Delacroix once said, “We work not only to produce but to give value to time”. Art lovers say, “Art for art’s sake”, however as an artist I believe that living the good way is also an art, then why are people not judged that way?

[quote]Picasso said, “Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life”. In the modern context a famous thinker, Dr. Daisaku Ikeda  said, “Terrorism and war are attempts to control people from without through military force or other forms of violence. In contrast, art and culture are expressions of humanity, liberating people from within”. And through my canvas I try to create the vibrations of society and the imbalance in the journey, in a crowded area which depicts the materialistic world. And the colourful area with the child depicts the person with the ability of Buddha who might not be able to challenge himself from the materialistic world.[/quote]

[box]Buddha in modern age is name of my paintings. I chose child as the object to depict my theme. In future I will do more through other means. If you want to know about these paintings or want to buy/commission one, do get in touch with me at 9821673375 or email me at arijit0364@gmail.com[/box]