Link: Bread Talk, Powai, Mumbai, Bakery on burrp! Mumbai.

Bread Talk is part of a Singapore based chain and I believe they have branches all over the world. Bread talk is the pefect addition to Powai that to be honest is really starved of good restaurants. Bread Talk isnt located in the middle of Hiranadani(which is a good thing) and is at the end of a lane and can be easily missed if you dont know about the place. The interiors are open and bright giving a nice roomey feel to the whole restaurant. The open kitchen adds to the space and its an added bonus when you can see them playing with the icing and making all your food fresh. Bread Talk has about 4 tables but this isnt really a problem as about 70-80% of customers order takeout. The restaurant is based on teh self serve model which in this case works really well. Theres a counter where all the food is kept and you pick up whatever you want onto a tray and pay when your done. The only negative aspect about this is that some people dont use the tongs and touch the food with their hands which really grosses me out. Comming to the food. Its nothing fancy just a couple of puffs, rolls and croissants. They have a butter chicken puff, a smoked white chicken puff a pizza puff and kheema puff all of which are delicious. Their chocolate croissants are pretty good too. Their selection is pretty good and everything is above average. They also have a sandwhich bad but to be honest Id reccomend you stick to the puffs. Their desert section is pretty limited though they do have a decent mango and strawberry mousse. Other thigns that breadtalk offers is a variety of breads including multigrain and french bread. The service here is pretty good. Nothing overly impressive considering the limited role they play. Overall I welcome bread talk as a welcome change from Birdys and is sometihng that Powai really needed.