Brainworks is a national chain of preschools that provides a world class learning environment and scientifically researched curriculum to maximize development of children during the early childhood years. Brainworks believes in providing a rich, stimulating environment using an eclectic approach geared to match different learning styles in children and recent research on brain development.

The preschool follows a Brain Based learning methodology whereby regular stimulation is given to a child during the “windows of opportunity” which are the critical periods in a child’s life when specific learning takes place. They also believe in creating an environment which encourages learning with all the five senses through which an infant’s social, emotional, cognitive, physical and language development are stimulated during multi-sensory experiences.

Brain research within a nurturing environment is one of the main goals of Brainworks. The organization strives to enable children to develop their social, emotional, physical and academic skills resulting in a joy towards learning. Brainworks also aims to make parent participation an integral part of their academic programme and to make each parent more knowledgeable about child development, behavior patterns and positive guidance techniques.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is centered around three key themes, which have been chosen as they are of high interest to children and easy to relate to:
– Literacy
– Numeracy
– Science Concepts

Our Curriculum Our Curriculum Our Curriculum


Even toddlers, who can barely hold a crayon or a pencil, are eager to write. We determine children’s emergent writing skills and provide appropriate opportunities to expand them. Children are free to scribble, draw and thus exercise the small muscles of the hand that allow them to make the movements necessary for forming letters and improve hand-and-eye co-ordination.


Confidence in reading leads to confidence in all walks of life. Our curriculum provides children opportunities to explore books, to read, to tell stories, recognise letters and their sounds, play phonic games and sight-read.


Literacy includes Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, which form the foundation of all learning. If a child is adept in listening, speaking, reading and writing then all other learning becomes easier.

Listening and Speaking

At Brainworks, children are provided with opportunities to hear new words, use language to communicate ideas / feelings, to ask and answer questions and to tell stories about events that they experience. Our activities encourage children to express themselves, stimulate curiosity and imagination.


It is an important skill that children need for the future in our technological world. Brainworks helps a child discover Math concepts such as counting, identifying numerals, one-to-one correspondence, matching, sorting by size, shape and colour.

Science Concepts

A young child brings a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world – whether watching snails in an aquarium, blowing bubbles or using a flashlight to make shadows, the child is engaged in finding out how the world works.
At Brainworks we conduct open-ended activities that involve children who are at various developmental levels. We respond to children’s needs to learn about the world around them and help them attain hands-on experience. We believe in trial and error and welcome errors as valuable information, not as a failure.

Our Centres in Powai

  1. Near Hiranandani Hospital, Shivranjani Building, Ground floor. Contact: 9004317676, 9004317733
  2. Powai, (Raheja Lake Homes) : 7738782331, 40157761