Boomerang, a 1.2 million sq ft complex at Chandivali Farm Road. Builder Kanakiya says it’s the country’s largest single-project floor space on offer and a substantial part of that will be earmarked for offices.Modeled around the native australian hunt ing contrivance, boomerang is a structure that is built, like it s paradigm, to use the energy in, surrounding to draw its own. Boomerang is set to become the most coveted coronet of all commercial properties in the city, and with good reason.

Architect Daniel S C Hsia, who has designed the upcoming Boomerang project by Kanakia Spaces at Chandivali Farm Road, near Powai, points out that capturing space is very important while designing commercial projects. “Space is not static, it is a continuation.

The Boomerang project, named after the shape of the structure conceived by Daniel S C Hsia, he reveals that it was a case of the plot determining the design. “It is a very complicated piece of land, very narrow with multiple jagged edges all over. Most commercial structures are a single block but that was not possible here. However, I felt the site had a lot of potential. We considered the statutory requirements of the authorities and then got to the creative aspect. As the shape evolved, I felt as if the land is telling me, ‘You have to mould the structure as per the shape of the plot’ and that is how the Boomerang shape finally came about. The land tells me what it wants!”

Describing the unique design, Daniel S C Hsia shares that while approaching the structure, you can only see a portion of it at a time, not the entire site. “However, as you come through the entrance, you appreciate the width. As you drive in, it reveals more of itself.The layering is different from the bottom floor to the top floor. There are windows on both sides and if you have an open office plan, you will get daylight even in the middle while enjoying the different views; we have captured the essence of the Boomerang. We are trying to capture the explosion of space in the lobby, which is three-storeys high. We are also creating a green wall to soften the acoustics and provide a soothing ambience to visitors,” he adds.

Boomerang has facilities like a club house, cafeteria, business centre, ATM, gymnasium and conference rooms. This Green Building, a Leed certified project with awe inspiring water bodies and multi-level car parking is Wi-Fi enabled with maximum security surveillance. The structure delivers power saving and efficiency in a mega structural space. Located in proximity to the International and Domestic airports, the project has a 240 meters frontage on the Chandivali Farm Road.