This school was founded on 22nd June 1997 in Powai, Mumbai by the trustee, Mr. Deepak Parekh. It is a branch of the Bombay Scottish School Mahim. This school is situated in Raheja Vihar, a residential complex in Powai, which overlooks the Powai Lake. The school is a 4 storeyed structure.


Curriculum and extra curricular activities

The Bombay Scottish School follows the syllabus of the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education. English is the medium of instruction. Hindi and French are taught as second languages and Marathi is taught as a third language. Tests are conducted periodically and examinations are held at the end of every school term. The school’s students have consistently performed well at the I.C.S.E. examinations and the school has maintained a 100% pass-rate. A lot of emphasis is placed on extracurricular activities and there are various student-led clubs on campus, including the The Nature Club,Readers Club, Science Club,Art club, History Club,Band,etc. Inter-house debate, dramatics and sporting competitions are also an integral part of the cultural lives of the older students. Prominent sports activities at Bombay Scottish include football, cricket, basketball, swimming etc.

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