About Bombay Scottish School, Powai

Bombay Scottish School, Powai is located in Raheja Vihar Chandivili. In commemoration of 150 years of existence a school at Raheja Vihar Chandivili, Powai was established as an extension of the educational facilities to the community in its sesquicentennial year, 1997. Bombay Scottish School is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi – ICSE Board.

Bombay Scottish School, Powai has well equipped & manged Computer Laboratory, Biology, Physics and Chemistry Laboratories, Library, Audio- Visual Rooms, Activity Room, Music Room, Care of Pupils with Special Needs
The members of the staff are well qualified and are given opportunities to develop professionally so that they prove to be an asset to the school. Academic Coordinators are responsible for the day-to-day activities within the school as well as the curricular and overall development of the students.

Bombay Scottish School, Powai Admission Procedure


Parents may during working hours submit in person or mail the following details duly signed by either parent. The Admission Forms will be MAILED TO YOU in the self-addressed envelope that you submit.

1. Full name of the child (as per Birth Certificate).
2. Date of Birth (in figures and words).
3. Father’s name and Mother’s name.
4. Full residential and office postal addresses and telephone number(s).
5. Signature of Parent.
6. Self-addressed (9.5” x 4.5”) envelope NOT SMALLER with the appropriate stamps fixed.

Sr K G to Std 8:

Sr K G to Std 8, requisitions from parents, on plain paper, for printed Application Forms with the following details are invited:

1. Full name of the child.
2. Standard to which admission is sought.
3. Date of Birth (in figures and words).
4. Father’s and Mother’s name.
5. Full residential address with contact numbers.
6. Parents’ Signature.

Contact Details/ Address of Bombay Scottish School, Powai

Bombay Scottish School

Raheja Vihar, Off. Chandivali Farm Road

Powai, Mumbai – 400 072.

Telephone : 2857 3205 / 0732

Telefax : 2857 2206

Email: info@bombayscottish.in

Website: http://www.bombayscottish.in