BMC to stop picking wet garbage

BMC to stop picking wet garbage

By Monica Bisht- representative COP/resident Avalon CHS

From 2nd October’17, societies are required to segregate and compost wet waste within their compounds. This has become mandatory. 

Why is the government taking such a step?

Disposal of garbage is a huge task which the municipality has not been able to manage. Landfills all around the city are working on optimal levels. All kinds of waste is collectively dumped thereby causing a medical tsunami. Around 6-700 gms of wet waste is generated per day by a family of 4.  On decomposing it produces harmful methane gas, which is hazardous to environment. Experts have come up with a solution to segregate wet waste at source and recycle it into rich manure. We describe it at CSR- Citizen Social Responsibility

What is wet waste?

Leftovers of raw food or cooked food, veg or non-veg is categorised as wet waste. Peals, stems or seeds of fruits and vegetables, egg shells and meat bones are all bio-degradable. Cooked food minus curries is part of this list. These are to be collected together and used for composting. 
What is composting?Composting is a process wherein bio-degradable material is put through a natural process of being shredded, tumbled and dried. The resultant is rich manure!
How to compost?There are many NGOs and social enterprises that are guiding citizens in this process. Various methods with or without machines are available. Natural process of composting takes 21 days. It is labour intensive and requires large space. But the manure is considered richest. Alternatively, automatic machines are available as per ones budget. They are as big as generators and compost is ready ranging from 1-7 days

Where is the space?

Societies struggling with parking space are at a loss to figure out space for composting. In future new societies will be given NOC if they have provided for composting, recycling water and rain water harvesting. The solution for built buildings is to compost collectively at a nearby space provided by BMC. 

A Powai based social & civic awareness group called Citizens of Powai (COP) is conducting free workshops on composting. You may write to; fb: citizenpowai