On Sunday 3rd Sept Mr Ratan Sharda the renowned political analyst and activist, inaugurated the ‘Birthday Havan’ App on Google Play Store at Sri Ayyappa Vishnu Temple, Powai. This was specially launched in the on going Ganesh Festival and coincided with the monthly “Birthday Havan” for all having birthday’s in September. Birthday Havan a free community birthday celebration was started by few Mumbaikars in 2016. This has got a very good response and many families come down early morning for the celebrations.

Mr Ratan Sharda appreciated the concept of community birthday havan, saying like birthday we began our New Year also with Shubh way like getting up early morning, going to Temple for darshan etc and not drinking alcohol. Similarly we celebrate our Birthday by lighting Lamp and not by blowing off Agni. These samskars need to be inculcated in children. Like giving our seat to a lady shows our good upbringing and loving and worshiping our parents, taking care of them is our Sanskar. Parents sacrificing for children’s upbringing is Sanskar and we have many values which are different from western civilization.

Our culture wherein i do duty towards our parents is pitru dharma, matru dharma, and parents duties for children are enshrined in our culture. There are duties called Pitru, Matru, Guru obligations which reflect of love and duties, because parents give their everything for children. Their whole lives are spend in upbringing children. Guru gave us knowledge- wisdom, i have obligations towards Guru so we celebrate Guru Pujan/ Guru Poornima.

When we look at what our sanskriti has given us, it becomes our obligation/ duty to support and thrive this sanskriti. Ratan Sharda ji appreciate the initiative taken up by Sri Ayyappa Vishnu Temple and www.BirthdayHavan.com the non profit site and gave his best wishes for growth.

Ms Lata Shenava the Res Scientist (IITB), Ph.D (Child & Fly Wellbeing), student of Vedanta, IyengarYoga,Kalaripayattu had come to celebrate her husband’s birthday and quoting ‘blue whale game’, said that she get frightened by changes in behavior in children and society is speaking about counseling for our children, police are going to be involved, there are going to be stricter laws that blue whale game doesn’t reach our child. But nobody is taking responsibility for our children. What is the kind of parenting do we have that is reducing our children to puppets in hands of some person who puts some commands, puts music and pushes our children to jump from 7th floor, cut oneself. She asked if this doesn’t frighten you? Lata appreciate the initiative of starting ‘Birthday Havan’ and asked why did not our earlier generation did not cut themselves up or jump like this. What she sees in teenagers and others these days is scary. We are aping the west and this is because we have disconnected ourselves from our ecology.

The only way we can assure that our children do not become depressed or isolated because we do not connect with real people, we are constantly on the net. We have 5000 friends on net but do not know who lives next door. I feel that ‘Birthday Havan’ is a wonderful way to connect with your ecology, we all want to be like American, but do we know number of school children killed daily due to gun violence, people hooked to drugs and sex abuse. We don’t want our society to be like that, we need to go back to our Dharmic principals of Vasudev Kutumbhakam and reconnect with your families and your communities, that’s the only way. She was thankful to the Temple to think something so basic yet so profound, suggested to parents to check this out, on App or website www.BirthdayHavan.com and participate.

All families enjoyed the event and from 1 year old to 76 years who had birthday this month participated with their families and were satisfied and blessed.