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I spent the latter part of my holiday in Mumbai. Although I found the sweltering heat unbearable after my sojourn in the cool Himalayas, birds seemed to like the weather. They were busy mating and foraging. The Kite on the post is gazing intently at the water, probably to catch a water snake.


The Asian Openbill Storks, Anastomus oscitans are large birds which feed on the frogs and molluscs in the lake.

Asian Openbill Storks

There are many stories in the ‘Panchatantra’ about these storks. Besides the Storks, the lake has Herons, Egrets, Purple Moorhens, Spoonbills and Snakebirds and many other water birds whose names I don’t know.

Anastomus oscitans

Asian Openbill Storks