Seek comfort in Bengali ghorer khabar

Enjoy the flavours of home-cooked Bengali cuisine at Powai’s newbie eatery

For most Bengalis, the name Bijoli Grill elicits a recollection of memorable wedding feasts. The 50-year old establishment from Bhawanipore, Kolkata, started off as a tea shop but garnered fame as wedding caterers. So, when they opened their first outlet in the city, homesickness got the better of us and we headed there full of expectations. Thankfully, we weren’t disappointed.

Bijoli Grill is located next to a children’s park, so if you don’t fancy watching kids frolicking on rides while tucking into your Hilsa, stick to the olive-coloured interiors and gaze at a collage of traditional fabrics displayed on the walls or listen to Bengali songs playing in the background.

We ordered an Aam Pora Sherbet (Rs 60), the Bengali equivalent of Aam Panna. It arrived quickly, looking a healthy green and was refreshing. Next up was the all-time favourite snack Ghughni (Rs 60), made from dried yellow peas with curry. It was very spicy but we didn’t complain. But the Phoolkopir Cutlet (Rs 80), made from cauliflower, was too sweet for our liking.

For the main course, we opted for rice (Rs 70) with sour Tok Dal (Rs 90) and Chorchori (Rs 140). The Chorchori (mixed vegetable curry) was very dry and the ladyfingers chewy. We loved the Tok Dal, made from raw mangoes with curry leaves and a combination of fresh spices, that left a wonderful smoky aftertaste.

While the vegetarian dishes were a mixed bet, the non-vegetarian ones were bang on. The Illish Paturi (Rs 220), a dry preparation of Hilsa fish cooked in a banana leaf with mustard oil, tasted heavenly. The Tel Koi (Rs 300) (Koi fish cooked with yogurt, ginger paste and spices) tasted exactly like the preparations we tasted in Kolkata.

The aromatic Mutton Biryani (Rs 220) had a unique flavour distinct from Hyderabadi biryanis. All the elements fell in place: the meat was tender and the spices were all in the right proportions. We ended our meal with Malpoa (Rs 90), which satisfied our sweet tooth without making us cringe from a sugar overdose.

The service was impeccable, the portions were generous and the attendants politely explained the combinations to every customer. All in all, we left with the certainty of coming back soon. Our homesickness would ensure that.

Bijoli Grill didn’t know we were there. THE GUIDE reviews anonymously and pays for meals.

Bijoli Grill : CALL 65286604 / 65286605

Hakone Children Park, Opp Hiranandani Gardens, Nirvana Park, Behind Powai Plaza, Powai, Mumbai – 400076


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