Powai Fine Arts gave us one more brilliant event with the stupendous Bhartayam performance by Pavitra Bhat at S M Shetty Auditorium this Sunday.  It was the finest of the performance by Pavitra which was delivered flawlessly. Pavitra is a student of the celbrity dance teacher Deepakji (aka Deepak Mazumdar) who also is a teacher to actress Hema Malini. A big credit to Pavitra parents for encouraging Pavitra to pursue this art from, which has a diminished number of male students.

The S M Shetty auditorim turned out quite good for performances or music concert and I hope we get to see more events happening at this place. The crowd turnout was good, but surprisingly because of the lack of glamor quotient, it fails to attract the young and the hip powai crowd.

Deepakji was there as an Emcee and I noted a few words which he said, below are the same..

Bharatnatyam was originally meant to be danced in the temple, hence a bharatnatyam dance concert is about recreating the same spiritual experience where the dancer is elevated by his devotion to the gods, and in turn he endevours to elevate the audiences.

Mantra is the divine music, Yantra is the body, and tantra is the body itself becoming the divine channel to experience divinity.


Powai Fine Arts is coming up with a brochure where they are going profile artists/musicians/dancers from powai, which is expected to out by March, so please send your profile to them to get covered, their email is powai.finearts@gmail.com