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ZITAR it is!!. There are a few restaurants that have made an attempt at modernizing the way Indian food is cooked and presented, not to forget the delectable flavors. A recent ceremony held at ITC parel for the TIMES FOOD AWARD 2013, saw them pick up the “Best Indian Restaurant” (Noteworthy newcomer) award. This is the biggest and the most coveted award in the Food & Beverage industry.

Ricky Punwani & Nikhil Mathur of ZITAR (Indian R&B) are buzzing with energy and excitement at the encouragement received for their efforts. They say, “We are just a part of a great team”. Digging deep about Zitar’s birth and evolution they further add, “Zitar tries to decipher the Indian kitchen magic, analyze it, deconstruct it, tone it, enhance it, and re-assemble it in a way which is innovative and modern. We have taken ancient recipes across India and have ensured that only the best ingredients and the same age old techniques are used to cook it. But at Zitar we love to experiment, hence our chefs are let loose and they whip out some amazing concoctions and voila! We have a dish which is not only authentic, traditional and exotic in taste, but also modern, eclectic and vibrant in the way it is presented (pre-plating). Our efforts have been simple – to make it look beautiful. Here at Zitar we focus on the authenticity of the taste, try and present it beautifully and while our guests experience that, we conjure up an exciting cocktail menu (from the BATHTUB, their lounge section) to compliment the food. Then, we don’t leave it there, we get the best music with strong modern sound influences, call a guest DJ on Fridays to kick off the perfect weekend”. Powai over the year’s, has seen immense recognition and is now proudly harboring an Award winning restaurant.

Times Award