Be a part of the practice known as "new-year visits" at Mainland china starting from January 23, 2009 to February 8, 2009

Nothing could be more sweet news to the ears of gourmets. The Chinese New Year or lunar year of the Ox is here. And Mainland China is well prepared for it with the feast of a lifetime. Traditionally, this feast is an auspicious start to the coming year of abundance and wealth. To bring you the true taste of 2000 years of tradition Mainland China has flown in Chef Xao Zhau Baiyan and Lu Xing Hong from Shanghai.

In their hands, every dish, from the starters like Shanghai roast lamb leg with pancakes and Tenderfried Chicken with cashewnuts and basil turn into an aromatic journey to the heart of China’s greatest festival. Sliced fish with aniseed and mountain chilli is a favourite amongst connoisseurs. The New Year Menu starters also have selected food from all regions of China like Grilled Prawns with mint, one of the most popular traditional dishes Roast Duck with Pakchay and Chilli Oyster Sauce or Roast Lamb with onion and coriander.

Sauteed babycorn and Mushroom Ginger chilli , Crispy Asparagus with sautéed Pepper and Panroasted stuffed chineese cabbage are among the mouthwatering vegetarian starters to a great feast.

The new year of the Ox settles down with delicious soups like Chicken and winter melon Soup or vegetarian soup of Roast corn and Bell pepper Soup and Creamy green Asparagus and Chilli soup.

Coming to the feast’s maincourse, dishes like Velveted chicken with cashewnuts and smoky chill and Roast Duck with Pakchay and chilli Oyster sauce bring centuries of tradition to our palate. Changde clay bowl chicken is a speciality of Northern Hunan, subtly flavouring the dices of chicken with cinnamon stick and dry chilli. Sliced fish with Mushrooms and rice wine is a well balanced preparation from delicate flavours. Fisherman’s prawns with Chinese chives is an old favourite of families reuniting at new year.

Stir-fried zucchini with mountain chilli, assorted mushrooms with golden garlic and caryenne pepper, Crispy asparagus with assorted pepergive an exotic twist to delicious, fresh Chinese vegetables.

A wide range of sumptuous rice and noodle dishes include the subtle Sauteed Rice with burnt ginger and coriander, Srimp and oyster Sauce friedrice , Cashew and crushed chilli fried rice, Sesame noodles with garlic chives, mouthfuls of health and taste in Soft Noodles with Szechwan minced chicken and more strongly flavoured Braised Shanghai noodles with prawns in xo chilli sauce.

The desserts of Glutinous Rice dumpling with Red bean paste and Ginger essence, Five Spice Chocolate mousse and Crispy fried Goodluckcharms with honey caramel sauce are out of this world. But then, when the Chinese prepare their New Year feast, it is first offered to the gods.

The food fest is on for both lunch and dinner.

Mainland China- If its Chinese its Mainland China

The most successful & signature brand of the Group serves authentic Chinese cuisine in perfect ambience. This is Group’s flagship brand and the growth engine with the promise ‘If it is Chinese its Mainland China’. Mainland China are pioneers in bringing authentic Chinese cuisine to India.

China is a rich, varied, colourful land with five thousand years of history and culture and with a cuisine that magically reflects all of those. Mainland China recreates the authentic taste of that rich cuisine with dishes from corners and provinces of the amazing country. Spicy rich numbers from Canton, simple deliciousness from Hunan, exotic sea food from Shanghai, royal recipes from Beijing blooms on the palate. Yin and Yang elements blend in a perfect harmony in every dish.

Date: January 23, 2009 – February 8, 2009

Time: Lunch 12.30pm – 3pm

Dinner 7pm – 11pm

Drive down to Mainland China at –

City Park, 1st Floor, Central Avenue, Near ‘D’ Mart,

Hiranandani Business Park, Powai,Mumbai-400 076.

Tel: 022-40262200, 40262400

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