Starting them young on healthy eating is great. And even better, encourage them to bake their own healthy food!

Little Baking Hands is a unique and exciting workshop aimed at children above 3.5 years. The classes are fun-filled and impart basic baking techniques of measuring, whisking, sieving, mixing, rolling etc.

Tushima Nair, a hotel management professional and a mother of a four-year-old, came up with this unique concept at her home in Powai, Mumbai.

[quote]“Baking is such an art, and I want children to enjoy it while discovering the science behind it. It will also encourage creativity, build confidence and promote healthy eating from a young age,” she says.[/quote]

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 5.27.19 PMEach session will be 1.5 hours long and will include working on simple recipes with easy to follow steps using wholesome ingredients. The classes will have small batches of similar age groups of children; ensuring individual attention is given to each child during the session. All the ingredients required for the recipe of the day is provided along with an apron. After the class, the kids take home goodies baked by them, and a recipe booklet.

“Kids love bakery products, but when we can ensure that we bake the same goodies with wholegrain and fresh ingredients at home, then why buy from outside? The kids also get to unleash their creative juices by messing around and learning about different ingredients, it’s a win-all situation.”

So how did Tushima come up with this idea for kids? “I first got interested in baking as a child while watching my mother bake fresh bread and other goodies. Then as a teenager I began to experiment in the kitchen and realised I had a real talent in developing recipes.” Many years later, with a toddler to care for, Tushima became acutely aware of the challenges of presenting food that was delicious, healthy and also appealing to the curious eyes of a child! “I hunted for kid-friendly recipes while also creating some of my own. And I put down some of my own recipes in a food blog for my friends with kids. When their responses were overwhelming and appreciative, I realised there is so much I can do by spreading the knowledge I had,” explains Tushima. Having a professional hotel management degree, and the experience of having worked for many years in the hotel industry turned out to be a boon when it came to organising the workshops.

[box]So if you want your little one to have some fun and learn some good baking skills, reach out to Tushima on 9892397823 or for more details. Baking Classes for kids are held term time and during vacations at Lake Homes, Powai in Mumbai[/box]