Getting through work, week in week out becomes extremely difficult if there are no high points every now and then, which keep it fun and exciting. Those little bouts of pure joy that make you forget the mundane troubles.

Some find solace in food, some sleep it out, some plug into music…but nothing connects the mind, body and soul like dancing. Especially social dancing, where no two dances and dancers are alike. No choreographies but pure technique. Where, you can let your personality shine rather than dance in a herd. A place where you can meet people with similar concerns. People who are shy / who’ve never danced before/ who want to learn, but are as clueless as you/ who feel like everybody is scrutinizing them/ who think they are bad at dancing, etc.?

This is exactly the reason why social dances like Salsa, Tango, Bachata, Merengue, Zouk, Kizomba etc have constantly been growing in popularity. Today, you can find a lively community of Salsa enthusiasts in almost all major cities around the world. The popularity of Salsa dancing is still rapidly growing as more and more styles of dance and music are being incorporated with the traditional Salsa. Despite having been around for over 40 years only recently has Bachata been gaining some audience in India. Many are surprised to know that Bachata is the second most popular social dance in the world today!

One set of people who understand the dynamics of social dancing very well is the team at Baile -de- Salon – Ballroom Academy, headed by Ajaz Shaikh, who moved out of his 14 hour a day Investment Banking job to pursue the pleasure of dancing and teaching. His well trained team equally boasts of professionals like Parliamentary Interns, Media professionals, Consultants, Bankers, Doctors and Stylists, who slog it out by day but are dancers & teachers by night. The team very well understands the work life-social life balance that most of us struggle with.

Everyone dances for various reasons…some determined to start a new hobby, some wanting to lose weight, increase self-confidence, have more fun from their social life, or just simply meet new people.


Baile -de- Salon – Ballroom Academy makes it all accessible to the people of Powai. Join in for the evergreen Salsa, experience the bliss of the sensual Bachata or the connoisseurs delight, the Argentine Tango. Baile –de- Salon is among the few who teach the Tango in India and probably the only Academy with regular classes in Mumbai. Apart from Powai, they conduct classes at Colaba, Lower Parel & Bandra.

These are couture dance classes with easy- to-understand instructions which are effective, enjoyable, challenging and encouraging.

Another fine offering for the beautiful people at Powai!

You can get in touch with team Baile -de- Salon on 9867333669 / 9833973669 or alternatively visit their Facebook Page: