Ohai is transforming Powai into a live networking & dynamic community to meet new like-minded individuals

Networking in a nutshell is meeting like-minded people for personal or professional growth. Social media is commonly used to stay connected with people we’ve already met, but meeting people is far more valuable than having likes or followers on social media, it’s about conversations not connections. Today, meeting new people for face-to-face conversations remains a challenge. Can technology comes to our aid to help us discover new people with similar interests in the physical space around us?

Ohai (O-hi!), a mobile application launched by Powai’s own Cutting Chai Technologies, solves this problem.. The app’s patent-pending IOT technology powers a feature called ‘Live Discovery’, which does exactly that – enable live, real time discovery. As the user moves around, they discover people with mutual interests and objectives in their immediate vicinity, in real time. Imagine simply walking into a room and instantly getting matched with the people for an opportunity to connect!

Take the example of a freelance graphic designer. Through Ohai, he/she could pleasantly be surprised to find someone in their own co-working space or residential community who is looking to hire a graphic designer. It unmasks anonymous faces in the crowd. It gives the user an idea about who the people are, what they do, what they’re interested in, and helps start a real-life conversation with them.

The possibilities are endless, imagine a crowded startup event, a budding new entrepreneur wants to meet more like-minded people to collaborate with or hire. Awkwardly approaching strangers will be counter productive and time consuming. Ohai helps sort through the profiles of other Ohai users present at the venue – in real time. The app’s matching algorithm lists them in order based on mutual interests as well as physical proximity, allowing the entrepreneur to save time and effort, and more importantly offer relevant matches.

The users remains in absolute control, “Ohai has gone through great lengths to ensure the complete privacy of users,” says Parag Tahilramani, Head of Marketing at Ohai. “The user has the option to switch off their visibility, effectively going off the grid. Furthermore, the exact location is never disclosed, location will only be indicated as ‘Here’ or ‘Nearby’ based on their distance from the user.”

The ‘Powai Valley’ has been long known as Mumbai’s startup hub, now, Ohai is turning Powai into the world’s first live-discovery based networking community.
Powai: Go on, meet each other.

Ohai App is by invite only, Powai.info readers can use this exclusive link to download the app – or simply enter invite code ER3Y (limited use) in the app when prompted