Hurray! We are all set to open our doors to a new beginning and we are thrilled to welcome you back to our abode, to which we have given an all new look and feel, so as to let you all know how much we have missed you. Yes, we are opening our dine-in facility at Aromas Cafe, Powai outlet, from Monday, 5th October, 2020. Our interiors are refurbished to enhance your experience and our zest and enthusiasm to serve you is even more aced up. Need we say more about the most loved cafe joint of Powai?

Aromas Cafe, Powai is a landmark that is synonymous with Hiranandani & the development of Powai as it is today. From being the first premium cafe that wasn't just a coffee shop, it is now a part of the history of the area. With such a level of familiarity with the guests it is always a difficult task to bring in change without disrupting the soul of the space. The new look was a task to ensure that we do not alienate the guests who call this place 'home' in a sense. From morning fitness enthusiasts coming in after their jobs for breakfast to the day long meetings & kitty party crowd to the evening dinner and coffee crowd - everyone has their favourite spot.

Hence, we decided along with some Aromas guests' feedback that we will retain the structural breakup of the space as it was - a cafe area & a lounge area. However, we decided that the Barista Bar needs a little more prominence and focus, so we made that a little bigger. Our focus was to modernise the design yet retain the class of the old Aromas. Our material palette was wood, marble & glass. Both areas have prominent lighting that catches your attention. We wanted the lights to be a little playful and fun while the furniture is designed to be minimal and contemporary. The colour palette is brown, grey, yellow & a dash of a few pop colours thrown in to blend the formal with the informal. Plants bring life & freshness to the space, so whenever you walk in, it makes you feel at ease - blending a European style with Indian ethos.

The artwork mural on the wall is a reflection of the main Hiranandani Circle that Aromas has become a landmark part of. The artwork on the walls is a tribute to Mumbai and its love for Aromas, highlighting all the different aspects of this vibrant city that Aromas calls home.